Improve your Weed Delivery service for better business

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The world of marijuana and weed is always nice and green. For the most part, nonsmokers have always looked down upon stoners. However, stoners are quickly putting together a new business that is becoming the cornerstone of success. The latest rage in the market is the Uber for Weed app. This is basically a weed delivery app that is specifically designed to make sure that people can order and purchase marijuana quickly and effectively, just with the click of a button on their apps.

The market is opening up towards the purchase and sale of weed. This is because people are warming up to the benefits of medical marijuana. This means people are opening their eyes towards the different possibilities that weed has to offer.

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While we might address weed as a smoker’s delight, but considering the wide range of users that weed can have for medical purposes, it is being infused in different items like topical creams and lotions and edible gummy bears as well.

However, we are here to discuss how the process of weed delivery can be improved, so let’s get going.

Uber for Weed

Uberisation is no longer a myth. Just about any kind of service that you can think of has been uberised to a level that it is accessible just with the touch of a button on their smartphones. This is why it is very important that you too make your service available through a mobile app.

Make sure that you get your weed delivery app from a reputable company. It should have all the important components to ensure a smooth process of delivery. The app should definitely be tested before you make a purchase so you don’t end up spending a lot of money on the unknown.

GPS tracking

Tracking the delivery driver is a small feature but a very important one. Your customers have just ordered something and are waiting for it to reach them. If they can see exactly where the driver is at that point, it takes away the suspense from the equation.

Communication between the Delivery Driver and the customer

Believe it or not, when someone orders a stash, they want to be able to talk to the guy bringing it over. There are times when you need to give special delivery instructions or let people know of important details. In order for the customer to be able to do that, the app should allow them to make direct contact with the delivery people through text chat or even call.

Review and Rating

Now, please note, when someone is holding your stash, it is very important that they behave themselves. Now you are essentially trying to set up your own business that is based on service. So, it is important that your users are able to rate their service providers and the service providers can review the users.

What if you sent a delivery driver unwittingly to a mob boss’ home? You don’t want to repeat that mistake. If your delivery driver writes a review about the mob boss and mentions that the guy who ordered this weed isn’t a very pleasing personality, you can prevent another driver from going in there.

On the whole, getting an on demand weed delivery app is a great idea for your Uber for weed business, but you have to make sure that you have all the right features in the app.

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