Now Make Profit To Your Bars By Using Pacific Beer Equipment

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A high-quality beer is more refreshing and soothing at the end of the day than whether it be on your couch, at the bar, or in dinner with your friends. 

The purpose of this article is to describe how Pacific Beer Equipment works and to explain how using a beer fob can increase profits to your bars when you install fob draft system dfc9500. This system is designed to separate the foam from beer and is directly connected with a keg. When an empty barrel is detected, the beer flow is stopped immediately. Thus, there is no formation of foam in the barrel and in this way you can save a lot of beer and make profit to your bars.

How does DFC 9500 function?

Beer Fob (DFC 9500) is built with engineering grade plastics and designed specially to reduce beer wastage. You can connect multiple fobs with a single line. This will allow you to change from one keg to another without any hurdle. You don’t even need to tap the vent when one keg goes empty as it automatically switches over to the second one. You can easily shift the empty keg excluding the current one whenever required. Keep your bar high with this amazing beer fob system.

What are the Benefits of Pacific Beer Equipment?

  • The flow of beer is stopped abruptly with this equipment. Beer fob system stops when a keg is emptied, keeping the supply line full of beer. Beer is no longer wasted as foam when a new keg is attached. 
  • The amount of CO2 is reduced because it no longer fills the supply line and escapes out of the tap.
  • In this way the Bartenders will take less time to change kegs because the supply lines do not need to be cleared of gas and foam to get to “clear” beer. You do not have to wait to have their orders filled.
  • Keeping the supply lines constantly full of beer reduces the number of contaminants which forms in lines faster when exposed to air. As a result supply lines will remain clean and beer will taste fresh.
  • Cleaning can be done manually as it is easy because the equipment can be completely taken apart and put back together in a few minutes. This design also makes the system quick and easy.

Maintaining and Installing This Product is Easy:

  • To restore the empty keg with a full one, detach it from the keg coupler and attach it to a new one.
  • Push the vent and wait for a few minutes until the foam settles. Vent again to check if the chamber is full of beer.
  • Rotate the knob clockwise until it stops. The float will rise to the chamber.
  • Bolt the knob by rotating clockwise until it stops. That’s it! Your system is now ready to pour foam free beer.

To get the best Pacific Beer Equipment choose a good and reliable company that provides this equipment at best prices. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Double Beer Fob
  2. Pacific Beer Equipment
  3. Kegswitcher

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