We have often heard that vaping is an art. We probably can’t put a date to when vaping was started or how it was founded, but we definitely know that it is a very unique and creative way to experience all the joys of smoking. Let us discuss some of the top reasons why people […]

Countries where People Smoke the Most

Smoking is often considered a mark of hard work and a signature of seriousness. Smoking, in general, is a very sexy attribute. About 20% of the world’s adult population is a party to this beautiful indulgence. Let us identify the top smoking countries of the where smokers live their life king size! Top Smoking Countries List […]

Stoners Aren’t Loners: EVER!

Getting high is probably the best feeling that one can ever get. Marijuana. Just one word that can take you places sweet and delicious. Smoking is sometimes looked down upon. Well, not sometimes really. There is some sort of a worldwide discrimination that people have towards smokers. Ever wondered why that is? That is because […]