Why Parents Need To Take Step against Underage Smoking


There is no secret that smoking is injurious to health but what you have done to protect your kids from this curse? The underage smoking has turned out to be the biggest dilemma of the century. The post-millennial generation is more fascinated to challenges and risk and this is what attracts them towards smoking and substance abuse. More than 3000 teenagers start smoking cigarette every single day. The purchase of cigarette packs by teenagers goes up to 1.5 million packs every year and this indicates the rapidly increasing smoking trend among youngsters.

According to the latest statistics of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you lose 13 minutes of your life when you smoke one cigarette. A smoker loses his life 13 years earlier than non-smokers. In America, 1 in 5 deaths is caused by smoking. Every year around 480,000 American people loses their life due to smoking. All these stats are enough to elaborate on the dangers associated with underage smoking.

underage smoking

Parents need to take serious steps to prevent their kids from the curse of smoking. They should not allow underage children to smoke at home and outside the home. However, it is not easy to keep kids from doing forbidden tasks when you are not present. They may take advantage of your absence to do smoking or they might be forced by their fellows to smoke when they are away from home. The unsupervised teen’s private parties are main platforms where younger children get introduced to smoking and substance.

What to Do to Prevent Underage Smoking

Fortunately, there are certain tools that can help parents make sure that their kids obey them even in their absence. One of those tools is the use of cell phone spy app. You can get the mobile devices of your children installed with spy software to monitor every aspect of their life. For example, you can monitor their activities performed in school, playgrounds or anywhere else remaining far away from them. The spy application installed in their mobile phones will keep you updated about their every single step.

Keep Tabs on Their Real Life

The cell phone monitoring and spy apps enable parents to be virtually present around their children. You can monitor the real-life activities of your kids by installing their mobile phone devices with spy app. It keeps you updated about the location of your kids and also lets you identify that location by showing you the images. There are certain mobile phone spy apps such as The One Spy that let you operate the mobile phones of your kids to supervise their activities performed beyond the home.

You can turn on the camera and microphone of the monitored cell phone and view the surrounding scenes and listen to the conversations and sounds hearable near the monitored device. Once you install the spy app on the mobile phone of your kid. You can monitor and control that phone through an online account which can be signed in through any other mobile phone or computer device. If your kid has headed toward a private party. You can send a command via an online account of spy app to let you show the surrounding scenes.

Monitoring keeps you updated about every single activity of your kids so you can take the necessary measures to protect them from underage smoking and other potential dangers.

Keep Tabs on Their Online Life

Parents also need to supervise the online lives of their children. They should monitor the social media activities of kids to stay informed of their upcoming plans. The mobile phone spy app lets you monitor Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat and many other social networking platforms. You can monitor every social media post of your kid to make sure there is not any indication about your kid’s smoking or substance use.

The photos and videos saved in your kid’s mobile phone gallery can also provide you with evidence of his smoking activities. However, if you do not have access to their photo gallery. You can take the support of the spy app to view and download their photos and other media files.

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