Mental Health Is Not A Taboo Anymore – Get Help of A Physiotherapist

mental health

Mental health is something that is hardly discussed in a family. Traditionally, it has become a taboo subject which is rarely thought about. Sharing the mental health problem with a relative or friend who could understand it and support to treat it is a typical task because most of the people listen your problem but don’t take it seriously to help you eliminate the cause. Scares of being labeled as the liability, called “mental”, or sidelined often tend people to hide the problem and let itgo its own way; as a result, we see the majority of mental health patients at an advance stage. Is there any feasible solution? Psychotherapy is the globally used, medically certified, highly effective, feasible, personalized and affordable solution to say – ‘Goodbye’ to mental health problem.

Different Types Of Mental Health Disorders- Which One You Suffer With?

S.N. Mental Illness Type Symptom Based Sub-Categories
1. Anxiety Disorders Agoraphobia; Social anxiety disorder; Specific phobias; Panic disorder; Separation anxiety disorder
2. Trauma & Stress-Related Disorders Acute stress disorder; Adjustment disorders; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Reactive attachment disorder
3. Dissociative Disorders Dissociative amnesia; Dissociative identity disorder; Depersonalization/De-realization disorder
4. Somatic Disorders Somatic symptom disorder; Illnes anxiety disorder; Conversion disorder; Factitious disorder
5. Bipolar Disorders Mania; Depressive episodes
6. Neurodevelopmental Disorders Intellectual disability; Global developmental delay; Communication disorders; Autism spectrum disorder; Attention-deficit disorder
7. Eating Disorders Bulimia nervosa; Anorexia nervosa; Rumination disorder; Pica
8. Sleep Disorders Insomnia disorder; Narcolepsy; Parasomnias; Restless legs syndrome
9. Personality Disorders Avoidant; Antisocial; Borderline; Dependent; Narcissistic; Obsessive-compulsive

The most common mental illnesses affecting the people globally are listed below:

Don’t Leave Mental Health A Taboo Anymore:

Mental health disorder is no more a social taboo because of significant advancements in psychotherapy during a couple of decades. Today, the patient can treat any mental health disorder with the help of psychotherapist within few months. The high success rate of psychotherapy in treating the mental health disorder is forcing the family members and community to shed all the misconceptions and taboos about mental health. Today, mental health is not as much a social taboo as it used to be. If you experience any symptom of mental health disorder, immediately approach to a renowned psychotherapist.

When Should You Approach To Psychotherapist?

There is a long list of mental health disorder symptoms. Is there any test or self-assessment process I can do to detect mental health disorder? Some symptoms of different mental health disorders are common; so, you can’t decide the type of mental health disorder yourself without the help of psychotherapy specialist. However; knowing the mental health disorder symptoms will help you approach the psychotherapist at right time before it is too late:

  • Feeling down or sad
  • Confused thinking and reduced concentration
  • Excessive fear, worry or feeling of guilt
  • Extreme mood changes too often
  • Isolating from social activities
  • Feeling tired
  • Delusions
  • Inability to manage even the small problems in daily life
  • Trouble in communication
  • Changing eating habits
  • Excessive anger or violence
  • Suicidal thoughts ………

Role of Psychotherapist to Treat Mental Health Disorder:

So, you know enough about the mental health disorder types and symptoms. Now, the next task is to overcome the problem for the bright future by changing the way you experience and analyze the current developments and turn the memories of the previous incidents in to positive thoughts. 

Psychotherapy in mental health care offers the variety of observational and evaluation tools in addition to the range of interventions related to mental health disorders. On the basis of problems and story shared by the patient and the observation/evaluation reports, psychotherapist set the patient’s treatment goals. Psychotherapists, while treating mental illness, provide preventive health care, health promotion, and rehabilitation with almost no medicines. As of today, psychotherapy is enriched with different approaches like behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, humanistic therapy, gestalt therapy, holistic therapy etc.

Just a few sessions with psychotherapist start changing the way you tackle the daily life developments and experiences as well each session boosts your confidence of dealing with past memories in a positive way. Can you manage to join the psychotherapy session on routine? Yes, renowned physiotherapists offer psychotherapy treatment in different formats to make the complete course convenient for the patients; your options are – Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy And Group Therapy.         

Concluding Note:

Gone are the days when mental illness was considered as the unrepeatable disease. Until the couple of decades back, people use to shy even in discussing their psychological problem. Thanks to advancements in psychotherapy that encourage the mental health disorder patients to approach to a physiotherapist to treat the particular mental illness and to lead a goal oriented life. What do you need to do? Just explore the results and find the best reputed, appealing, facilitating, and convenient psychotherapy center.

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