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Sugar is amongst one of the most craved substances in the world, it’s a drug that we are just addicted to since childhood. But since we have been exposed to this glorious thing from the day we were born, its really hard to just quit it though, little do we know about the benefits that come by cutting down sugar from our body. 

Restricting sugar from our diet can bring about several changes that can boost our immune system, if you just started to control yourself while craving for your favorite desserts. You’ll soon understand how much you feel lighter, how much motivated you get, and how much energy you actually have, and this isn’t even the beginning. The substantial amount of sugar we eat in a day can be accumulated to almost 60%. Which is quite a lot since the human body itself is made up off 75% water. 

Well, here to get you started off with the journey in cutting down sugar, we have decided to talk about the positive side-effects of cutting down sugar. So, without further ado let us just jump right into the blog. 


Did you know that by adding extra sugar particles in your food can raise the insulin level? Due to this raised insulin level you are more prone to face your arteries getting thickened. When the arteries start to thicken and the walls start become inflamed. The blood that normally flows through them starts to get constricted, stressing out the heart. Now, this can lead to a number of diseases like high blood pressure, Heart Attack, and heart failure. By cutting down on your sugar levels you are more likely to avoid any or some of these fateful heart diseases. Helping you to prolong your life for a bit longer.


Weary skin, and wrinkles that just don’t go away are one of the most common problems that everyone faces. As they hit the golden number 30! Now since time is equal to everyone, and holds no special place for everyone. These things will have an effect on you one way or another. Though you can control, or let us just say prolong these symptoms. Too much sugar can coherently hinder the flow of blood in your bodies. Which result in your skin getting repair less and less as you start to age, so if you want to stay younger a tad bit longer. Then excess sugar in your body is definitely not the way to go.


Our elders often used to warn us about how eating too much sugar will rot our teeth’s from the inside out. But as rebellious kids, and teenagers we never seemed to give any heed to their warnings. Sugary products can play a vital role in the disruptance of blood flow through our cavities. Only a single candy before bed can do more damage than the satisfaction it will provide to you, and since teeth are one of the most vital part of our body. It’s always better to keep them bright and shiny always. So, in order to do that brush, floss, and lower your sugar intake. Once you manage to achieve this feat you can smile a little brighter every single day for the rest of your young lives. 


Too much sugar can also have a pretty deep impact on your energy levels, since high amount of sugary substances. Tend to let out the dopamine in your brain with a single go, you will feel more productive, and more active for a while. But little do you know is that you are actually wasting your precious energy in one go. If you really wish to achieve more throughout the day, and want to enhance your productivity. Then sugary substances aren’t for you! Let the brain release its natural satisfactory drug at its own interval of times. You’ll feel much more active in getting the natural drug throughout separate intervals in a day then in a single go. 


Sugar as mentioned above tends to release out a burst of energy when eaten, given you more satisfactory results, and helping you to stay active for a little amount of time. If you have trouble sleeping and are habitual to eating cakes, and ice-creams before bed. Stop right now! Because that’s the whole reason you won’t sleep quickly, and even if you do since the heart will be pumping excessively your body will go into overdrive. Making you even more tired after a long nights rest. 


Who would have thought that this glorious sweet tooth of ours can prolong sickness? Sugar interferes with the ability to fight bacteria, and viruses. Our body is prone to a lot of diseases, and since this substance acts as an immunosuppressant. The body takes longer and longer to heal each time. Even though the effect dissipates after a few hours, its still pretty harmful for your body in the long go. So, the next time you might be coming down with a fever. Stop taking sugary processed foods, let the body heal on its own, and resume the sugary diet at your own pace. 

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