Technique for Preventing Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Other than asking about the sex life there is also an entire evaluation of the health history that needs to be done. There are different medical examinations that can help in detecting premature ejaculation in a man. Getting a troubled erection is one of the main reason for having an Erectile Dysfunction. There are several blood tests that need to be done before the doctor can conclude on the medical condition. The blood tests done are used to check the male hormone present in the body of a man. In some cases, the patients are suggested to visit an urologist or a mental health professor.

Treatment which prevents Premature Ejaculation:

There are many treatment options that are included to cure erectile dysfunction behaviour. Some of them include behavioural techniques, medications, topical anaesthetics, counselling etc. There are cases where a group of treatments are used to help a person in achieving what they want. In all the treatments so far, medical treatment is known to be the most effective one. You can get Cenforce 100 Supplements at Low Price for best ED treatment.

Behavioural Techniques:

There are many cases where therapy helps in getting rid of premature ejaculation. There are many things that can be adopted which then helps a person in achieving a long-lasting erection. In some cases, masturbating for an hour or so before having sex can help a person in achieving the goals and can enable them to last longer in bed. In some cases, intercourse is avoided for a period of time which can be replaced by other kinds of foreplay which help in releasing the pressure.

Trying out some Pelvic Floor Exercises:

A man with a weak pelvic floor muscles does not have much control on the ejaculation or delaying ejaculation for that matter. Working the pelvic muscles is known to strengthen the muscles down there which helps a man in controlling ejaculation.

There are few things that need to be kept in mind before starting this exercise, some of them are listed as under:

1.      Finding the right muscles: In order to identify the right pelvic muscle, a person should try and stop urinating in the middle by tightening the muscles that help a person in passing gas. These things are controlled by the pelvic muscle of a person. Identifying the pelvic muscles can lead to the proper exercising of these muscles. This exercise is usually done while laying down, which is usually for the starters.  

2.      Work on the Technique: Tightening the pelvic muscles should be done by holding the contraction for 3 seconds which should be followed by a 2-second relaxation session. This should be done a few times which can with time help in strengthening of the muscles. After getting the technique right, this exercise can be done while sitting, walking and standing.

3.      Stay Focused: This exercise should be done by tightening your pelvic floor muscles. This can often be misunderstood as some other muscles which include abdomen, thighs or buttocks. This exercise requires a person to hold his breath rather than breathing freely at the time of working out.  

4.      Repeat: This exercise should be repeated atheist three times in a day with almost 10 repetition

Having a Pause Squeeze Technique:

This method is often instructed by a doctor and works as under:

1.      Start getting into the sexual activity with your partner and work by stimulating your penis until you are almost ready to ejaculate.

2.      Ask your partner to squeeze the end of your penis for a few seconds until the person no longer feels the urge to ejaculate.

3.      Repeat the squeeze process as and when it is necessary.

This process if followed makes a man resistant to ejaculation to a point that he no longer feels the need to ejaculate. Try this with a squeeze technique can later be done even without trying the pause-squeeze technique. There are some men who can find this technique discomforting and in that case, there are other techniques which can be followed which can help a man in delaying his ejaculation.

Using condoms:

There are many thick condoms available in the market which are known to decrease the sensitivity of the penis. This can further help a man in delaying the orgasm. In some other cases, there are condoms that contain some numbing agents known as benzocaine. This ingredient helps a man in getting his ejaculation delayed.

Using medication:

There are many types of medicines available in the market which can prevent premature ejaculation in a man. Some of them are listed under:

a)      There are some anaesthetic sprays and creams available in the market which are used to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction in a man. These ointments are applied to the penis of a person 15 minutes before having sex which works by reducing the sensation present in the penis of a person. There are some creams such as lidocaine-prilocaine which is available in the market but requires the patient to have a proper doctor’s prescription. These ointments come with some potential side effects which include losing sensitivity for a good period of time which has also been reported in their respective partner’s post intercourse.

b)      Antidepressants: These drugs in some normal cases come with side effects which include having a delayed orgasm.

c)      Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors: This drug is used to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction in a man and includes drugs such as Viagra, Tadalafil, Levitra, Sildenafil, Cialis etc.  This drug other than helping a patient with a condition of Erectile Dysfunction also helps him with premature ejaculation. This drug is known to give positive effects for this condition is termed to be highly effective when it comes to the techniques used for preventing premature ejaculation. However, these drugs come with their own set of side effects which includes face flushing, indigestion, headache etc. You can also use Malegra Generic Pills in US for Best ED Treatment.

Trying counselling a patient suffering from Premature Ejaculation:

There are many approaches which can be used to solve the condition of Erectile Dysfunction in man one of them being counselling. These sessions can help a man in sorting their mental health and clearing any sort of blockage that they have when it comes to anxiety. Performance anxiety is one of the major reason of why men perform poorly. Sessions of counselling along with drug therapy are known to be the most effective way to tackle this condition.

Premature Ejaculation can often make a man feel less of himself. This can even take a toll on relationships and often end up making a man feeling angry, upset and ashamed. The partner in such case can feel less connected which ends up creating a lot of problems. 

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