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progynova 2mg

Containing Estradiol, Progynova 2mg belongs to the class known as Estrogen. The drug is mainly used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). With age progression, ovarian hormone production declines, and after menopause, production ceases altogether. So doctors often prescribe the medicine to peri- and postmenopausal women. During menopause, estrogen levels will be decreased, causing many side effects such as a feeling of warmth in the face, neck and chest, discomfort, irritation, etc. (“hot flushes”). This drug helps you to get rid of these symptoms very easily. But you should take it regularly according to the doctor’s prescription. It also helps prevent osteoporosis. Some women develop brittle bones after menopause. You can take it if other medicines don’t work and use it to prevent osteoporosis after menopause.

The standard dose of the Progynova 2mg

Medical practitioners usually recommend One Tablet daily in most cases. But it is true that every patient’s case history is not same, so they determine the dosage based on the disease, body weight, route of administration, age and medical history. 

The lowest dose should be used to treat early menopausal symptoms (see also section 4.4). The physician will fix the dose based on the severity of the problem. In this case, first, they recommend Progynova 1 mg. After that, they increased the dose to Progynova 2 mg. After the symptoms subside, the doctor reduces the dose.

Progynova should be added at least 12 – 14 days per month or on day 28 of the cycle for women with an intact uterus. If endometriosis is not previously diagnosed, the addition of progestogen is not recommended in hysterectomized women.

• How to start Progynova 2 mg

With an intact uterus and menses, you can start the combination of Progynova 2mg and a progestogen from the first day of bleeding to get the best results. If menstruation is very low or amenorrhea is established in the body, you can start this medicine course at any time.

If a woman is transitioning from the continuous HRT product, she can start the treatment with Progynova any day.

Women who want to transition from cyclic or continuous HRT regimens are advised to complete the cycle. She should then be switched to Progynova without a break in therapy.

• Missed or lost tablets

If a woman forgets to take the usual dose, she can retake medicine within 12 hours as soon as she remembers. However, you should not take the tablet if it is more than 12 hours late. The remaining dose should be started at the right time. A missed dose worsens the problem.

Side effects of Progynova Tablet

Most side effects from the tablet are usual and disappear after the body adjusts to it. But if you feel any problem after using the tablet, You should discuss with medical practitioners. He or she will give you right way to recover from the problem. 

Common side effects of Progynova

· Headache

· Nausea

· Breast pain

· Abdominal cramp

· Bloating

· Vaginal spotting

· Vomiting

Why you need to take the Progynova 2mg

Progynova 2mg is a highly effective drug for Hormone placement therapy or HRT. According to several, it can prevent the various symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, decreasing sex interest, dryness in the vagina etc. Progynova 2mg can be prescribed to place the Estrogen in the body.

Don’t skip the dose, as the medicine give the best result when you take it regularly. You should take it with food or a thick beverage, same time daily. In empty stomach the medicine cannot work properly. The medicine loses its efficacy if it is chewed, broken or crushed.

Precaution taking the medication


There is not enough proof that the medicine reacts with ProgynovaSo if you want to take alcohol during Progynova Table, you should inform your doctor. 


Though there are limited studies on humans, Progynova is not secure in pregnancy. But, medicine can create harmful effects while developing a baby in your womb. So you have to consult your doctor; he can inform you about the potential risks of the treatment.


Don’t take medicine if you are involved in breastfeeding. According to the research, it may create toxicity in the baby.


There is not enough proof that a tablet has a severe effect on the ability of your drive.


Progynova 2 mg Tablet is safe for patients with kidney problems. But the dose of the tablet needs to adjust. So you should consult your physician to get the best result.


You should use the medicine carefully if you have liver disease. But dose adjustment is significant in this problem; only the doctor can decide the dose, and you have to consult with them as soon as possible before taking it.