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You must have heard about vaping and e-cigarettes; it is a fast-growing trend amongst the millennials given that it cuts down hazards of nicotine consumption. Vaping refers to a physical process, almost like smoking, except that you inhale an aerosol substance instead of smoke. You can choose to buy vape pens, personal vaporizers and mods that allow vaping. Most of them accept e-juice or vape juice while some also use dry herbs.

When you have the latest VapeSourcing coupon, you can get your supply of vape at reasonable prices. VapeSourcing is a leading authorized agent for e-liquid and electronic cigs in China and has made a name for itself as one of the most trusted online vape stores. But before you choose vaping there are some things to consider:

Pros of Vaping:

  1. Vape flavors will have nicotine in them but not ash or tar which is the harmful component. According to the Royal College of Physicians, this practice is almost 95% safer compared to smoking, and switching to it will ensure that the smoker experiences better lung health.
  2. The smell of tobacco leaves is anything but pleasant, but when you opt for vaping, you can choose from many appealing aromas. Whether you like a candy flavor or a fruit odor, you will find a wide variety of choice to suit your taste.
  3. When you choose vaping, you have complete control over how much nicotine you are taking in. You can buy e-juices in a variety of strength levels, whether it is high-strength nicotine or nicotine-free. So, you know exactly what the nicotine strength in your vape is. Most smokers will initially use high-strength levels and then slowly cut down the nicotine level, and finally, eliminate it altogether.
  4. Vaping is also advantageous because it gives you control over the vape output. For instance, there are small devices such as pod vapes that are specifically designed for low vapor and there are also high-powered mods for cloud chasing. You can adjust the vapor volume by tweaking the airflow, power output and type of coil.
  5. Vaping offers immediate satisfaction as most of them are pre-filled and can be used right away. Vapes will need a ready supply of e-juice and a charged battery for it to work continuously; but, one can last throughout the day with hardly any upkeep.
  6. Vaping is cost-friendly because there are vapes for different prices; so, you can choose what suits your budget. The market has grown dramatically in the last few years and you will come across a variety of products like disposable e-cigs, top shelf e-liquids, and advanced vape mods.
  7. There is no learning curve to start vaping; most vapes can be used by beginners. 
  8. Vaping is easy to do because the products are very accessible; you will even find them at local convenience stores and gas stations, besides vape shops and smoke shops. 

Cons of Vaping:

  1. Vaping does involve some high costs initially since you must buy the e-juice and vaporizer. When you want to buy a high-end brand, costs can be steep.
  2. Since the vaping market offers too many choices to the consumer, he may be confused about which product is right for him.
  3. There are smokers who cannot refrain from using nicotine flavors; since nicotine is addictive, you need to understand that giving it up altogether is going to take time.
  4. There are some vaping devices that are quite complicated to use for a beginner. The consumer is faced with an overwhelming variety of choices in terms of e-liquids, equipment and vaping styles. 
  5. Apart from a saturated market, some vapes are meant for hobbyists, and using these can be a challenge.
  6. You can buy vapes only if you are 18 or 21 year old, depending on where you reside. Vaping is believed to be for the younger generation and many grown-ups are yet to understand the benefits of vaping. 
  7. Like any consumer goods, vaping means a recurring purchase; regardless of how advanced your vaping device is.

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