What makes a quality vape cartridge?


The vaping trend is spreading fast, and more people are starting to embrace it. Be it weed or any herbs such as chamomile, hops, vaping has moved on from being only a safer alternative to smoking to being a trend of its own. Vape pens are easy and convenient to use and carry around.  Most of all, it is a fun experience to vape.

But the basis of enjoying vaping lies on the quality of pen and cartridge used. High-quality cartridges use titanium alloy, ceramic, glass or other metals and have accurately sized O-rings that seal well at the cartridge point. Rechargeable batteries are better for long term users. Tanks wicked with cotton in the coil absorb the e-liquid better when the coil gets heated.  This enhances the user experience as a good concentrate is not only flavorful but also healthy. It brings out the flavors and benefits of the concentrate well.  You can pick out vape pens and cartridges from various places. But, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to make a good choice. 

So, what qualifies as a good quality cartridge? Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing your cartridge.

quality vape cartridge

1. What effects are you looking for:

First things first, it is always about what you want to experience. If you are looking to use cartridges for health benefits, then be conscious of the ingredients and brand. For example, if you are paying for pain relief or relaxation, then choose from high-quality cartridges specially available for this effect. Whereas, if you are looking to enjoy refreshing flavors or a nicotine-based cartridge, then you can choose from a different range. Apart from these, there are wide choices of THC based liquids available in legal cannabis states in the U.S.

2. Flavoring agents in the cartridge:

Fruity flavors are, of course, a delight while you vape. This is the reason behind the bold and refreshing fruity flavors of vape cartridges. But the essence used to create this flavor in the cartridge is very important. Some companies use cannabis-derived terpenes or steam distilled terpenes to create these flavors. There are also certain non-cannabis derived terpenes used to create the aroma and flavors. While most companies claim to use natural fruit essence, the truth is they seldom do. Most of the artificial flavors used dilute the effects of all the other components in the liquid. Hence they do not offer the promised effect. Also, artificial essence might harm the body. So read the label to know the type of essence used in the cartridge to enjoy the experience. If you are looking for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, you can try online dispensary canada.

3. Keep the cutting agents and hydrocarbons in mind:

Keep the cutting agents and hydrocarbons in mind: When we talk about oil based cartridges, certain hydrocarbons are part of the distillation process. This process helps to remove any harmful components from the plant extracts. But certain hydrocarbons react at high temperature to form components that might be harmful to the body. Similarly, vegetable glycerin acts as a cutting agent in cartridges. It is a diluting agent in full spectrum CBD cartridge. These substances may not be harmful at the stage where they get added.  But the chemical reaction during combustion could result in substances that might be harmful to the body.

4. The texture and color:

The texture and appearance of the cartridge can reveal a lot about the quality of the liquid. A good quality liquid should look homogeneous. So, if you find any signs of separation in the liquid chances are that it is substandard. Make sure there is no debris or flakes in the cartridge, especially at the bottom of the container. Ensure the color of the liquid is uniform and doesn’t look cloudy or dull as it indicates the quality of the cartridge. A good cartridge liquid has a smooth texture and has a consistency like that of honey. If the oil feels too viscous, it indicates too much cutting agent which can be harmful. In this case, the vaping may not be easy and enjoyable.  Be mindful of these aspects, especially when you use the cartridges that come with the vape pen.

5. Understand the market:

The problem of unregulated market arises with the popularity of vaping cartridges. Many products are low-quality imitations of cartridges and can be harmful to the body. This is a bigger problem in the case of CBD oil cartridges because of varying cannabis indica legalization status. So, stick to genuine sellers who deal with branded products. Low-quality ingredients used in cartridges can have adverse side effects after regular use. Hence, look for organic certification on the labels and other lab test results in detail to understand the quality standards they meet.  Also, look for third-party lab reports to ensure the products are free of pesticides, pathogens, etc.

Our organs are, in fact, very sensitive to the quality of products. When something is off, the taste is the easiest way to know it. Our taste buds often identify when we are trying something that might contain harmful chemicals or could be of low quality. Weed especially is a cocktail of rich flavors that are very earthy and natural. So if the after taste is burnt or feels like filled with chemicals, chances are they are low quality.  If you feel like the taste and experience of a liquid did not feel good, then switch immediately.

Although vaping may be a safer alternative to smoking, the true effects, benefits, and dangers of vaping still require further research. The true effects of vaping are not yet completely understood. Hence it is best to start out with the highest quality cartridge and concentrates available for the healthiest outcomes.

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Jessica Smith has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes an interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.

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