Rendevu App Review

Everyone needs sex, and yet, they are shy of speaking about it. Although the sex industry is possibly the highest money making industry after drugs and education (hear!), people are still scared of mentioning it out in the open. One would much rather proclaim to be a celibate, than of having regular sexual intercourse.

Considering this requirement, people in the past have continuously tried to make it a concealed part of our lives. Sometimes through calling and observing secrecy of the highest order, or sometimes bypassing little notes from here to there.

rendevu app

The Concept of Uber for Escorts

This is a concept that literally shook the world. With the birth of Uber for escorts, things took a whole new turn. Now, there was a mobile application that could allow one to discreetly hire the services of an escort of their choice.

Mobile apps have quite literally taken the world by a storm. They are easy to use, convenient and available at all times. When Uber was born, people did not believe that it could be such a success. However, today, it is one of the world’s leading businesses.

In a similar way, people might find it a little hard to digest the concept of Uber for Escorts but the Rendevu app proves them all wrong.

What is Rendevu?

The company itself defines the app as “Technology for the adult services industry. Escorts On Demand. Secure, private bookings of reviewed escorts confirmed immediately with updates of prep & travel. “

So, essentially this is an app that enables people to hook up instantly with an escort of their choice. This is a unique and simple idea that can empower their users to make an easy choice just with their phones. So, basically, anyone with a smartphone and access to the internet will be able to hook up instantly at a preset price. If the escort you have chosen is at a far away location, you can at least get the confirmation instantly for a later time in the day.

Pros of the Rendevu app

This app is a very important application or technological advancement in the sex industry. With so much money involved, this app helps in more ways than one.

Safer for everyone

The app is credible. It needs legitimate bookings to go through legitimate bank accounts. The escorts too need to be completely healthy and willing participants to register on the app. This makes the whole deal very safe for the customer as well as the escorts.

Secure monetary transactions

Since the payments are all made online and are absolutely secure, no one can cheat anyone. Everything goes through in a very organized and lucid fashion

Ease of access

The app is very easily accessible to both androids as well as iOS users. The app has been designed in a very unique way to ensure that the user can use it in a simple way. There are no complications as such. The design is intuitive and of course, inviting.

Cons of Rendevu

As is the case with any application, there are a few cons to the app as well.


Since offering escort services isn’t legal in every country, using this app becomes next to impossible.

Service Providers

The strength of the applies in the catalog. If the escorts who register on the app aren’t too good, the app will not become popular.


Branding and marketing of the Rendevu app have been, well, pretty much nonexistent. It has solely relied on word of mouth.

Start your business

If you have an existing escort services business and want to give it a digital identity, then this is probably the best platform for you. If you already have the strength to back up these services, you should definitely think about setting up your own app so that you can experience an instant spike in the business. Your customer base will swear by it!

Why do people look for such apps?

In an interview conducted with many of the escort service providers of the Rendevu app, they claimed that although people did want sex, there was more than meets the eye. Not everyone who makes a booking wants to just go for it.

They are mostly looking for a good companion. When people feel that there is something missing in their lives and they want a non-judgmental, non-turbulent company, they look out for such apps. They claim that many times people just spend the night talking, kissing and snuggling. Then they go out for breakfast and make the payment and let them go.

Humans long connect. They look for the joy of being wanted. Being special. For the most part, people do what they do, not to impress someone else, but to feel important in their own eyes. Rendevu helps them do that. They can hire someone to be nice to you. Someone who is affectionate and caring and does everything that he or she possibly can to make you happy.

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