Does My Cocktail give Away My Personality?

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Being a bartender is probably the most social jobs that one could ever have. In fact, your bartender is probably your first shrink. He is the one who is going to give you the best advice and at the right time. But have you wondered how the bartender gives you such good advice all the time? It is your drink. She reveals everything about your personality and spills all your beans. When you order your drink, you unwittingly tell the bartender exactly who you are and what you expect from that glass in front of you. This is probably the same way in which popular search engines and apps have started evaluating us. There are so many things that the people give out in terms of information that the artificial intelligence puts together and presents. For example, if you surf the internet for holiday destinations one day, the next time onwards, whenever you open any other webpage, you will only be shown “relevant” ads about holidays. This is exactly how a Saucey clone can help you for alcohol delivery to your doorstep.

Your orders will be analyzed and suggested to you when you need it the most.

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Understanding Personality through Drinks


When you order a whiskey, you definitely come across as a really confident person. It says that you know what you are drinking and you have been drinking for a while. You have made your choices after lots of experimentation and have finally come to the conclusion that whiskey is what makes you sing.

This also is a direct indication that you are probably not very worried about the price tag when it comes to getting something that you truly value. It says, “I know what I want, and the price tag isn’t going to stop me from having it”.


The Scotch people are snobs. They like to drink slowly and judge everyone around them. They believe that they have a taste for the finer things in life. The scotch drinkers are a lot less chatty and prefer being more somber in their approach to just about everything.

These are the folks who like their crystal shiny and their ice up to the brim. A single drink might last them all evening, but when it’s time to get drunk, they won’t hesitate. These people by definition are snobbish. They like to show off and will stop at nothing to make an impression.


You started drinking a long time ago from your dad’s cabinet. Now, brandy isn’t a usual drink. People don’t generally become ardent brandy drinkers. This is why when someone says brandy; you are forced to think that maybe a childhood remedy for cold got you hooked on to this beautiful and fragrant elixir.

This drink points out quite evidently that you aren’t a regular drinker. You only drink on occasion and prefer brandy because of its smooth texture and sweet taste. For online uber alcohol delivery apps, this guy is probably not the best potential buyer.


This is probably the most universal drinks of all times. Beer says that you take life easy and that you like meeting people and hanging out with them. It is considered one of the most social drinks ever. However, there is another thing that beer says.

Beer drinkers will not stop drinking. They will have a beer on any occasion at any time. This is probably why they order beer because it is best in any kind of a situation. What’s more, you can always run out of beer because there is never a limit to how much beer one can consume. This is the ideal buyer from online apps like the Saucey clone.

The Saucey clone App Market

If you have been in the booze business, you probably know what it’s like to sell alcohol to a man who needs it. They want what they want when they want it. So, if you invest in a Saucey clone app then you will have to understand that it won’t be too difficult for you to sell it. People are already looking for a platform that can help them get booze when they want it so go ahead and plan your business with an Uber for alcohol delivery app.

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