How to save yourself from back pains while driving your car

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Cars are purchased for comfortable rides and an easy to drive experience. As Compared to the two-wheelers, cars provide more comfort and ease to the drivers. But in a certain health condition or in the case of long drives, you can experience back pains while driving it. It can happen due to many reasons like your seat designs, roads, and type of the car. Most of the time, this pain occurs in the lower back area. But, there are many ways to save yourself from these pains. We have put together some points which are effective to reduce the symptoms of back pains while driving the car.

Move your seat Forward

It will help you to stay close to the steering wheel. By doing this, you will not have to slouch and your spine will also stay straight. You will feel it uncomfortable for some time if you have the habit to stay away from the steering wheel. But for the longer times, it will help you to stay away from the back pains.

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Use lumbar support

Giving support to your lower back using any cushioning material like a small pillow or rolled towel will help you in the reduction of back pains. You can easily fix permanent support to your seat and always enjoy a long drive without the back pains.

While driving your car, it is also advised to get a good car insurance Ireland. It will help you to stay away from the hassles happen due to the accidents and car damages.


While on the long drives, try to stop after certain kilometers and stretch you back. It will give rest to your back and prepare it for the next set of the drive.

Angle your driver seat

The seat angle plays an important role in the comfort and hence the back pain. It is advised to set your seat at an angle of 100 to 110 degrees. It will help you to keep the natural posture of your back and reduce the chances of back pains. It will allow sitting properly even when you are close to your steering wheel.

Adjust your steering wheel

You also have to give proper attention to your steering wheel. By going to your car garage, you can easily adjust it according to your comfort. Once you fix it to the desired location, you will have fewer back pains during the long drives too.

Use cruise controls

If your car has the cruise controls, use them if you feel them safely to use. It will allow you to free up your feet during the drive and provide short rest durations to your body.

Use ice packs

If you are continuously feeling back pains then it is good to use ice packs on your back. It will relieve your back pain to a good extent. Using ice packs also reduce the pain in other areas of your body. You can also try to alternate the heat and cold after little durations of the time.

While purchasing your car, make sure to observe everything ranging from the steering wheel, seat designs, foot space, etc. Give suggestions to the workmen to adjust everything according to your desires. You should also get car insurance from a good insurance provider company like Britton Insurance. This will help you to get good cover amounts in the case of damages to the car. We have good insurance plans to make your insurance work easy and efficient.

Various other complications can happen while driving. If you are not feeling well while driving especially on the long drives. Try to contact a doctor. These symptoms can be worsened if you do not do anything about them. If any of the above tips are not helping you in the reduction of your back pain, then get medical help. Driving for longer periods with back pains can lead to other back problems.

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