Sex and Smoke: The Two Controversial “Therapies” the Society is yet to accept


For as far as I can remember, people have dictated the idea of a good citizen around a set of so-called moral code. If you do this, you are a good person, if you do that, you aren’t. Amongst these, the two most frowned upon things are casual sex and cigarettes smok. Although more than half the world is doing it anyway, you will still find people using these two points as a scale to judge the moral fiber of a person.

Being a female smoker is harsh. Honestly. You can never have a cigarette in peace without people staring down at you, judging you with every puff that comes out of your lips. Now, in all these years, although I have gotten slightly accustomed to it, I just wanted to really point out what are some of the lesser known positive advantages of smoking.


Cutting the Cravings

Obesity is a bigger problem than smoking. More than half the world is suffering from it and yet continuing to eat our their hearts just out of habit or boredom or both. Tobacco, in general, is an appetite suppressant. It kills those unwanted extra pangs of hunger that are a result of an idle mind. Many tobacco companies who got a hold of many studies done in this area also start enticing public to start or continue smoking in order to lose weight.

However, you won’t find any doctor prescribing or suggesting the use of cigarettes to lose weight. If only weight loss is the objective, then there are healthier ways to achieve it. Nonetheless, if you are already a smoker who is bullied by the society that quotes all the ill effects, you can always say it’s helping you shed a few pounds!

Smok gives your Knees a Better Chance at not Getting Replaced

I have to admit. This surprised me too, and I am a flag bearer for all things smok! So, studies indicate that the number of smokers undergoing knee replacement surgery is much less than the number of non-smokers who do. Although skeptics who just have to make a connection and have a reason might argue that smokers are short of breath and so aren’t known to jog or run much. Knee replacement usually happens to people who have a regular practice of jogging. Which sort of wears out the kneecap due to aggressive friction. But, frankly, I don’t care what the reason is, so long as it keeps me away from the gurney. You know, in fact, I’ll just take a quick smoke break and reassure myself that my knees are safe!

Smoking Reduces the Chances of having the Parkinson’s Disease

This is a serious one. A study conducted in the year 2010 indicates an astonishing find of the most unlikely relationship between long-term smokers and Parkinson’s. The study reveals that the longer a person has been smoking for the lesser are his chances of getting Parkinson’s disease. This disease is one of the most dreaded of the mental diseases. It leaves its victim helpless and suffering for a very long time. The shocking thing about this study also points out that the beneficial effect or the protection that is provided by the years of smoking wanes if the person quits. So, what I am trying to say is, that if you don’t already smok, it’s time you start.

What I Really Mean

See, don’t look up at me with animosity. I don’t want little children o start smoking before their time. I definitely don’t want to say that unless you smoke, you aren’t cool or anything like that. All I want is that people have to begin respecting other people’s choices. We have been told, too many times about the ill effects of smoking and if people choose to do it in spite of that, it is their CHOICE. We agree that 100% OF smokers die. But so do non-smokers. Sex makes us happy. So does lighting up a hot one. Let’s just please leave it at that. Cheers!

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