Avoid Sexual Problems taking Rasayanam Shilajit

rasayanam shilajit

Sexual health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, impacting physical and emotional health. Various factors, such as stress, poor lifestyle choices, and underlying health conditions, can lead to sexual problems. Natural remedies have gained popularity in addressing these issues, with Shilajit being one of the most important substances in traditional medicine.

Formed over centuries by the gradual decomposition of plants by microorganisms, Shilajit is rich in minerals and fulvic acid. It has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, touted for its wide range of health benefits, including helping with sexual problems in men.

In the following blog, we will discuss the benefits of rasayanam shilajit for sexual problems, how to use it and its precautions and side effects. 

Shilajit for sexual health

Boosts Testosterone Levels

  • Testosterone’s Role in Sexual Health: Testosterone is a key hormone in males, responsible for libido, erectile function, and overall sexual performance. Low levels of testosterone can lead to decreased sexual desire and other sexual dysfunctions.
  • Shilajit’s Impact: Shilajit has been shown to increase testosterone levels naturally. This boost can help improve libido, enhance sexual performance, and address erectile dysfunction.

Enhances Stamina and Energy

  • Importance of Stamina in Sexual Health: Sexual stamina and energy levels are crucial for a satisfying sexual experience. Fatigue and low energy can negatively impact sexual performance and satisfaction.
  • Shilajit’s Benefits: It is known for its rejuvenating properties, helping to increase energy levels and combat fatigue. This can lead to improved endurance during sexual activity, enhancing overall sexual satisfaction.

Improves Sperm Quality

  • Fertility Factors: Sperm quality, including count, motility, and morphology, is essential for male fertility. Poor sperm quality can lead to difficulties in conception.
  • Shilajit’s Role: Studies have indicated that Shilajit can significantly improve sperm quality. It helps increase sperm count, improve motility (movement of sperm), and enhance overall sperm health, making it beneficial for men facing fertility issues.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Impact of Stress on Sexual Health: Stress and anxiety are common psychological barriers to a healthy sex life. They can lead to reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual problems.
  • Shilajit’s Adaptogenic Properties: It acts as an adaptogen, helping the body cope with stress and reducing anxiety levels. This promotes a relaxed state of mind, which is conducive to a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Enhances Libido

  • Libido and Sexual Desire: Libido, or sexual desire, is a fundamental aspect of sexual health. Various factors, including hormonal imbalances, stress, and lifestyle choices, can diminish libido.
  • Shilajit’s Effectiveness: Shilajit is known to enhance libido in both men and women. Regular use can help rekindle sexual desire, leading to increased intimacy and improved sexual relationships.

How to use it

Shilajit is available in several forms, including resin, capsules, and powder. The resin form is considered the most potent, but capsules and powder can be more convenient for daily use. The typical dosage ranges from 300 to 500 mg per day, but it’s important to follow the dosage instructions on the product or those recommended by a healthcare provider.


Shilajit offers a natural and holistic approach to avoiding sexual problems and enhancing overall sexual health. By boosting testosterone levels, improving energy and stamina, enhancing sperm quality, reducing stress, and increasing libido, Shilajit can significantly contribute to a healthier, more fulfilling sex life. Remember to use shilajit responsibly and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle for the best results. 

Ask me them

Q. How long does it take to see the benefits of Shilajit on sexual health?

Ans. The benefits of Shilajit are cumulative and typically require consistent use over several weeks or months. Regular use is necessary to experience its full effects on sexual health.

Q. Can women also benefit from Shilajit for sexual health?

Ans. Yes, Shilajit can enhance libido and sexual health in women as well. It helps balance hormones, reduce stress, and increase energy levels, all contributing to a healthier and more satisfying sex life.

Q. Is Shilajit useful in sexual dysfunction?

Ans. Yes, Shilajit can be beneficial for sexual dysfunction by boosting testosterone levels, enhancing stamina, improving sperm quality, reducing stress, and increasing libido.