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You will find Cigarette smokers of many kinds in this world. Some elite, some common and some just plain stupid. However, there are so many questions related to smoking that every smoker thinks of but never really finds an answer to. Why is that so? Because not all the answers can find in one place. So, here’s an attempt to list down all the important questions that we come across and their answers on a single page.

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How do menthol cigarettes get the menthol-y flavor with the burst?

There is a special non-tobacco chemical addition that tastes like menthol which is available to the filter of the cigarette. This is kept in a tiny casing which can be ruptured easily by pressing on it. Now, when the air moves through the filter after taking in the tobacco, it brings the menthol flavor in the mouth. It gives a slight cooling sensation while the hot smoke enriches the soft lips of the Cigarette smokers. These days with the boom in the cigarette industry, cigarette delivery on your doorstep is also a very popular concept. So, if you are looking to get that menthol high without having to go out to buy smokes, this is a great option for Cigarette smokers.

Which is the most popular flavor apart from Menthol?

‘Clove’ is possibly the most used flavor in cigarettes after menthol. The Djarum Black one of the most popular clove flavored smokes in the world. They have a distinct sweetness in them and smell beautiful and spicy. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about it that makes it look and feel mysterious, sexy and classy. But in spite of its petite structure, this cigarette packs a punch.

Are there other flavors for Cigarette Smokers?

The variety of flavors available in cigarettes is almost shocking! The number of flavors ranges from simple fruit flavors to more complicated candies or even cocktails. You can get cigarettes that are of chocolate flavor as well as those that come in a virgin mojito or a long island ice tea. But exactly how authentic the flavor and taste are, that is subject to individual taste and preferences. Also, as I said earlier, cigarette delivery on demand is quite a novel concept, which is why it is becoming exceedingly simple to find a flavor of your choice online and have someone deliver it. If you have to walk into a store, you are presented with a limited option, but online, the diversity and variety are pretty exhaustive.

How much difference does the filter of the smoke make?

The filter on them is critical. It reduces the harshness of the smoke considerably. The amount of tobacco that you inhale controlled with the help of a filter. The non-filtered cigarettes are available in a very small packet and come in stubby sizes. It can be lit on both ends owing to the lack of a filter on one end to define its closing. If you are choosing to get cigarettes delivered at your doorstep with an on demand cigarette delivery app, then you must make sure that you mention it on the app that you are specifically looking for a filter-less option otherwise you will not get it. This is because the filter fewer smokes are not very common or even preferred.

Does smoking make you light-headed or more alert?

Smoking is a very individual activity. IT can affect different people in different ways. Some might find it extremely invigorating and others might just find it draining. Some people might become more attentive and active after a smoke, and others might just get a little subdued or relaxed after it.

So, no matter what your reaction to it is, just accept it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether you order through an on demand cigarette delivery app or just stand at a stall and buy smokes, make sure that you enjoy every last puff that the smoke can get you!

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