Smoking Marijuana: An Introduction to Vaporizers, Edibles, Oils, Tinctures, Dabs!

smoking marijuana debs

The best method to consume marijuana is smoking. This is the most common form, which obtain from the dried flowers of the cannabis plant. A reasonable amount of cannabis leaves is heated into the pipes or devices so that people can inhale it as smoke. The variety of pipes like water pipes, hookahs, rolled paper, etc use for smoking marijuana, dabs.

Though it is generally safe and has immediate & beneficial effects. Smoking marijuana as medicine can show its effects between 45 minutes to 4 hours.

Advantages of Smoking Marijuana, dabs:

  • It provides relief from stress & pain.
  • can reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs
  • It is good in digestion and protects the body from oxidative stress.
  • Slows down the tumor growth as well as kill the cancer cells

However, in addition to burning the inflorescences or the resin extracted from them, there are other ways. Some of these marijuana consumption methods are become more popular in recent years, including edibles, tinctures, etc. Let’s have a look:



Vaporizer (evaporator) is the best choice for consumers to obtain the inhalation benefits without irritating the respiratory system. At the appropriate temperature, vaporizers heat the dry flower of cannabis and extract the cannabinoids, THC, and cannabidiol from them. The inhalation of the toxins from combustion is only possible at low temperature. In other words, the evaporation can neutralize the health risks associated with smoking.

Different cannabis products are suitable for different models of vaporizers which are supplied in various designs. In addition, vaporizer pens are also becoming popular in the market. Vaporizers can also use the oils that provide a stronger effect on the body.

Advantages of Vaporizers:

  • It provides immediate pain relief.
  • revents the lung damage.
  • It has odorless nature and provides a carcinogen-free product.


Edibles refer to eating or drinking methods that enters into the bloodstream. Food has also contained cannabis which is generally known as edibles. As compared to smoking or vaporization, thee orally consumed cannabis significantly takes a longer time to set in. It can take 4 hours to show its effects.

These infused drinks and foods (edibles) are often made with high-fat ingredients, like butter or oil. It is valuable to enhance the therapeutic properties of marijuana. Lollipops, cookies, gummy bears, crackers, ice cream, chocolates, etc are the common edibles that contain the marijuana ingredient. It enables to show its effect within 20 to 90 minutes, but it depends on the metabolism structure and other factors of the individual.

Advantages of Edibles:

  • It is an effective pain reliever.
  • It is helpful for boosting the health.
  • CBD edibles provide long-lasting relief.
  • CBD balances the psychoactive effects of THC.


The oil is obtained from cannabis seeds that do not contain the THC and extract from the green parts of the plant. CBD are lipophilic molecules that are securely attach to butter or oil. So, people can easily digest these ingredients like an infused food or drink due to their gastrointestinal system. Cannabis oil can be made at home and are also available at a dispensary. Canna-oil and canna-butter are used to make edibles those can be injected into capsules.

Therefore, ingestible oils are best as both edible and concentrate. The extracting therapeutic compounds of cannabis come in contact with alcohol, which evaporates the solvent and leaves behind a substance like oil. In addition, oil is not only an important ingredient but also an important remedy for treating skin problems. Nutty taste use in both sweet and salty kitchens.

Advantages of Marijuana Oil:

  • It has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effects.
  • It has anti-aging properties.
  • CBD oil helps with digestive problems.
  • It also helps to reduce pain.


A liquid substance that extracts from the cannabis. These are soaked in alcohol and are taken directly under the tongue. The tinctures enter the blood instantly along with its fast-acting effects. It takes the control over the dosage, which is beneficial to limit the health concerns of smoking.

Depending on the desire and needs of a person, tinctures can be made on different varieties, with different tastes and have a different medical purpose. Cannabinoids, extracted in alcohol or glycerol are known as preferences. The manufacturing process of tincture is similar to cannabis oil, but different solvents use in this.

Advantages of Tinctures:

  • It holds the low risk of side effects and a small list of contraindications compared with many pills.
  • It has high efficiency and duration of action.
  • Alcohol tincture for potency can be used at different ages and to solve a wide range of problems.


These concentrated doses of cannabis, called “dabs”, are built by extracting cannabinoids and using solvents. These Dabs form as sticky and butane oils to heat them on a hot surface for inhalation. With the advent of more advanced extraction methods, dabbing is the latest method of vaporization that obtain the concentrated cannabis. It evaporates instantly when it comes in contact with heat. It also uses the steam to deliver the active substance to the lungs.

Dabbing contains a high level of psychoactive components of cannabis (THC), which is not suitable for the consumers. Therefore, the patient should have to consult with their physician in regards to take a suitable dose of THC.

Advantages of Dabs

  • Its quick effects are best for emergency medications.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • The high doses of THC are best for consumers.

Bottom Line

So, you can conclude that growing technology improves the quality of marijuana consumption. Its above-mention methods prove as effective for relieving pain and other diseases. A wide selection of methods is available with numerous options that are beneficial for the health-conscious people.

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