Surgical Breast Enlargement – Safe Solution to Get Best Shape

Breast Surgeon

As you know that having firm or large breasts is important for every woman as it maintains their personality. Mostly girls or ladies think that big breasts give them a nice look than small breasts. Every girl wants a proper and attractive physique. But in some women, the breasts did not develop to the desired shape and size. Some women may lose volume because of weight loss, pregnancy, and aging. But don’t worry because advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it possible for you to get the desired shape of your breasts. You can achieve this through breast augmentation surgery

Breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to increase the size of breasts. This surgical procedure is performed by placing implants of silicone and saline under the breast tissue. For women, this procedure is a way to get an attractive figure, more flattering tone, expanded clothing choices, and feeling of greater self-esteem & confidence. 

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that improves your breast shape by providing you the desired results. To get a natural look, implants (silicone or saline) are used. Fat transfer is another method that can be performed to get the preferred results.

Every woman wants to get better-looking breasts because this helps to improve their self-esteem. There are lots of reasons for which women undergo this surgical procedure, so, remember that consulting the best plastic surgeon is most important for them.    

How to Select Best Breast Surgeon?

The vital thing about the treatment is selecting the best and experienced surgeon for the surgical breast enlargement. A trained surgeon will provide you superior results. Firstly, you need to ask the surgeon is how many breast augmentation surgeries she or he has performed. By this, you will get an idea about the abilities and aesthetic chic of that surgeon.

During the consultation, the surgeon will ask you about your complete medical history. If you are taking any type of medications and undergo any type of other surgery, then you must you’re your doctor about it. You should ask the surgeon about the different types of surgical techniques which he or she performed. Keep in mind that breast augmentation can be performed with a variety of methods. 

Breast augmentation surgery

can be performed using a variety of techniques. Reliant on the incision options and methods, different types of breast implants are available. 

What are incision patterns for Breast Implant?

Scaring is the most common concern of women. They ask about the forms of scars made by this procedure. A qualified and experienced surgeon will create a good incision and the patient would not have any concern about the visible scars. 

The incisions included in breast augmentation procedure are:


In this method, a little incision is created under the crease of breasts which is called an infra mammary fold. This leaves a small scar which is just 1 to 2 inch and can be simply hidden in the infra mammary fold. 


In this technique, a little incision is created above the belly button and then the breasts implant is taken to the breasts. This method made just one small scar on belly button and women can easily hide this minor scar under their clothes.


In this type, a small incision is created around the areola which could easily merge by the surrounding zone.


In this method, the scar is created in the armpit zone. The benefit of this technique is that it does not leave a scar anywhere else and reaches the aim of breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement procedure

  • To place the breast implant, the surgeon will create a single or small cut (incision) in one of the selected places:
  • After this, your surgeon will detach your breast nerve from the connective muscles of your chest. This makes a pocket behind or ahead of the pectoral muscle. The surgeon will inject the breast implant inside this pocket and brought it behind your nipple.
  • Remember that the Saline implants are placed empty and then filled using sterile saltwater. But the Silicone implants are pre-filled using silicone gel.
  • When the breasts implant is in place, your surgeon will stitch the incision and dressing it with surgical tape.

Breast Augmentation Benefits

  • Surgical Breast Enlargement is a safe way to get your desired shape. 
  • It improves the contours and curves of your body and reforming bust line by developing the breast size. 
  • It provides you a more positive self-image.
  • Bouncy and firm bust line makes the clothes look more striking and expressive
  • It develops your self-confidence.
  • The breast augmentation procedure gives aesthetic benefits and rises clothing options for you.
  • Breast augmentation surgery also gives some physical benefits. It gets your breasts to normal size and shape and the procedure makes them more proportioned.
  • This surgical procedure also gives you some psychological and emotional benefits. With the improved figure, you may feel more youthful which improve you’re self- confidence. 
  • After getting this safe surgical procedure, job opportunities, women’s friend’s circle, and social prospects improve significantly.

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