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It is into two categories that contracted motherhood agreements have been divided, namely non-commercial or altruistic’ and commercial. The latter arrangement type are considered to be those where the party desiring to have a child is eager to pay surrogacy fees to the surrogate which are beyond her medical requirement expenses. Altruistic or non-commercial on the other hand is those where no reward or payment is expected by the surrogate mother. Even though it is rare, the commissioning parties in such agreements are required to pay up the medical bills of the pregnant woman. Altruistic agreements often are carried out between parties, being friends or family before entering such an arrangement. IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India is quite affordable thus allowing coupes who are not able to conceive a child on their own with the opportunity to become parents. 

Cost involved in surrogacy procedure

In the U.S., the payment to be made to the surrogate mother is estimated to range around US $10,000 to about $20,000, while the entire procedure might cost about $45,000 to that f $60,000. The fees for remaining part of the process which includes lawyers, fertility clinic bills, medical fees, egg donors (if used), agencies are likely to cost much more when compared to the fee that goes to the surrogate. Moreover, gestational surrogacy expenses are likely to be more when compared to traditional surrogacy methods practiced, this is because there will be essential to undertake more complicated medical techniques. The surrogates who may probably carry baby for any family member like the daughter or sister) might do so without expecting any reimbursement. In India, the entire procedure of surrogacy and IVF is done with great care and the results over the years have been amazing. Moreover, the entire cost to be borne here is just a fraction of what is being spent in the United States. 


Surrogate mothers contrary to all popular beliefs might not be all poor who are exploited for fertility. Most also come from middle class background eager to help their known ones or even unknown people to make families. They do come from different walks of life, with some even having own children and others eager to have more children in the near future. 

This can be said about fertility tourism that is currently being promoted in the country. Couples not able to bear their own child do come from different countries to India to avail surrogacy procedures. The major benefits to be derived here is affordable fee structure and the presence of top doctors, latest medical equipment and infrastructure combined with the best infertility hospitals that do offer amazing results. 

Why prefer surrogacy?

This is a question that is commonly asked by many couples eager to have a child. Surrogacy, according to medical science is termed as an assisted reproduction procedure. 

In few cases, it might probably be the only option available for the couple to have a child, not related with them. With changing attitudes of the government, fewer women have been putting up their children for adoption. Those couples eager to avoid of getting  asked to adopt child belonging to another race or facing difficulties with international adoption can take respite in such procedures including IVF with Donor Egg for Post Menopause in India.

Biological connection

Surrogacy is of two major types, namely:

  • Genetic (also referred to as straight or traditional surrogacy) or partial contracted motherhood, where gestational mother gets impregnated with commissioning father’s sperm (generally through artificial insemination). The woman, in such cases, getting pregnant is both gestational and genetic mother of child. But her role is relinquished as social mother to commissioning mother.
  • Gestational or complete contracted motherhood is also termed as gestational or host surrogacy. Being used in IVF procedure, an embryo is produced by the intended parents which are then transplanted within the surrogate mother to allow her to gestate and deliver a baby after 9 months. The pregnant woman, in gestational contracted motherhood does not make any genetic contribution towards the child. But she is actually the birth mother. In case of infertility, it can be combined by using donor eggs or donor sperm to create embryo for transfer purpose. 

Majority of the surrogacy’s end without facing any problem and hence, is a preferred method.

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