The Hook-Up Culture And How To Enjoy It

hook-up culture

The past century has seen several cultural revolutions that lead to personal freedom. From the trends set in place by Coco Chanel who normalized wearing more revealing outfits in public, going through the summer of love who helped normalizing borderless intimacy in relationships, and ending with the gay rights movement that’s still going on, the Western society became liberated.

In the present day, we live in an era that’s often referred to as “The Hook-Up Culture”. Condoned by conservatives and embraced by liberals, the hook-up culture is all about hooking up with no strings attached. No matter if we’re talking about one-night stands or relationships based solely on the attraction with no emotional involvement, the new generations of adults seems to enjoy promiscuous practices. And we prove every day that enjoying yourself in the company of consenting adult partners is not a sin and won’t bring the fall of our civilization.

The internet is one of the reasons for which the hook-up culture has gained so much ground in today’s society. Or better said, the easy channels of communication through which we can find partners with whom we can be promiscuous. It used to be so hard to get a one-night stand in the past, when the telephone was just a thing that you had in one room of your house, tied to a cable. Now, we can just get an app, and we’re ready to swipe left and right through hundreds of potential partners in our area.

Giving credit where credit is due, we must admit that Tinder is the main app that started this the trend of finding likeminded people on our phones. But on the other hand, Tinder has dropped in popularity. It might be because of the fees they included, or because of the fact that it became mainstream and it’s flooded with people who aren’t necessarily looking for a hook-up. If you also find Tinder obsolete these days, let me bring you some alternatives. Complete reviews on these sites can be found on Mr. Porn Geek. I’m just going to give you the basics.

The best adult dating sites are not the ones with the most registered accounts, but the ones where you can find people you like and with whom you’d like to spend a night together. If you’re not looking for a specific type, and you just want to explore the many possibilities the internet offers you, platforms like Adult Friend Finder, Fling or Well Hello are excellent. In my experience, I’ve noticed that Adult Friend Finder is for young professionals, while Fling is a platform that draws more people who are generally more bohemian and artistic.

But on the other hand, there are sites which are focused on particular partners. Without bragging, I must admit that I had an excellent time on BBW Desire, a website dedicated to plus size girls and the men who love them. So, get out there, do your research and find the dating app that focuses on the type of people or the subculture you’re interested in. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your youth and enjoy yourself.  

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