Tips For The Best Shisha Experience

Best Shisha Experience

What is your ultimate desire from a bowl of shisha? Thicker, denser smoke and more flavor, right! Every once in a while, you sure have been there when you want more clouds to show off your smoke skills and enjoy much flavor. Everyone has been there. Now, with these tips, you are sure to overcome this problem.

Whether its an issue with the shisha, hookah or the technique, with these two easy tips, make sure to get the thick, dense smoke cloud and perfect taste each time. Create the most beautiful moments with your friends over Shisha.

Here are the tips. Be sure to remember!

Make Your Shisha Taste Better

The first time you get the hookah, the flavors are very rich, smooth and delicious. Every bowl feels amazing! But, with each bowl passing, a thin layer of build-up firms inside your base, bowl, hookah and hose. Over time, this residue marks the original flavor and taste. This process is called ‘ghosting.’ This ghosting effect causes a change in the taste.

Starbuzz tobacco

If you pull a few puffs of the hose, you will feel the aftertaste of residue. Since it is not very awful, you may overlook that. But this reduces the lovely taste you crave for. Clean up the setup once in a while to reduce this masking. Some 10 minutes of maintenance regularly is good enough. Enjoy the richness of classy tobacco, such as Starbuzz tobacco, to the fullest taste.

Thicker Hookah Cloud

Hookah tobacco differs as per the brand. Each one has its unique smoking properties. Some are rich in flavor. There are many brands that produce excellent smoke. You can enhance these smoke qualities pretty easily. If you like bursting smoke tricks and rings, enhance the smoke thickness.

The ‘Yeti’ approach is very popular. You can give it a go. Fill the base of your hookah with ice and water, just enough to submerge the downstem. The set up goes best with an iced hookah hose accessory. This cools the smoke just before inhaling.

36Use more coals along with all the ice. The smoke gets thicker this way without being harsh. Air condenses on cooling so that you can fill up your lungs with more smoke. You may end up sacrificing a bit on flavor, but the smoke thickness gets awesome. You can create clouds!

Another way is dense packing. In this process, the amount of shisha in a bowl is increased to enhance smoke output. Take care not to overpack, though. Just packing the top layer of shisha on the bowl tightly will do. This method works better with rich, juicy shisha, such as Starbuzz tobacco or Fumari.

Al Fakher tobacco

If you are using a dryer brand like Al Fakher tobacco, you must poke some holes into the shisha to create more airflow. You can install a diffuser at the base of the downstream to increase smoke output and better filtration.

Get the best out of every shisha party from now on. Exhale thick, dense smoke to amaze your friends and be a pro of the game!

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