Tips to cures Erectile Dysfuntion for last long on bed

Erectile Dysfuntion

Adapt these helpful tips for maximum pleasure

In case you are dealing with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or erectile problems and taking prescription medicine for the same then you ought to do every effort to make each pill count. It means that in addition to taking the regular ED meds. You gotta make some efforts to maximize the effectiveness of the medicine. You have to invest some time in order to acquaint yourself with the medication so you may benefit the most from it. A little effort outside the bed is surely gonna repay you later.

Common drugs for erectile dysfunction such as stendra, Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil are exceptionally good for combating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence. These drugs can also benefit men suffering from premature ejaculation. These medicines are helpful in treating erectile problems but they won’t work unless the patient fixes all the other related issues. In order to reap maximum benefit from erectile dysfunction drugs, you have to set your mind right, take in the right food, manage your body weight and move your gut and many more. This way your small efforts can make a big change in your life.

Given here are some tips that you can use to extract maximum benefit from your regular medicines. Each effort will make you move closer to your goal i.e., to lead a life free from erectile problems. If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction then keep reading.

• Tip No. 1: Take your ED meds almost thirty to sixty minutes prior to the lovemaking

Almost all the medications available for erectile dysfunction are to be ingested 30-45 minutes before the sexual interaction. The major reason for doing so is that these medications take this much time to get absorbed in your body. And after this time, the drugs will work to their maximum capability and give you the desired results. The Ed drugs contain active components like tadalafil or sildenafil, which takes almost 20 minutes to get metabolized in your system. So, after 20 minutes of popping in the medicine, you can become ready for sexual intercourse. However, the activation time also depends upon the food you must have consumed post or along with the medication. Aurogra 100 which generic Sildenafil takes twenty minutes to ingest and tadalafil will get absorbed in the body in sixty minutes. However, it may vary for different people depending upon their metabolism.

In case, you take the medicine too early prior to the lovemaking then there are small chances of your good performance. The reason behind this is that there are just limited hours in which this medication shows good results and you may actually miss those peak hours. Also, you cannot take this medicine just before the sexual intercourse as it may not assimilate in your body fast and you may not get the desired results.

In short, always be prepared before the sexual activity beforehand. If you think you may have sexual intercourse later than pop in the medicine in advance. This way you can be confident and can enjoy the intercourse. The satisfaction of being well prepared will make you so confident that you will last longer than usual.

TIP NO. 2: Avoid the intake of heavy and fatty meals along with the erectile dysfunction meds. 

Large meals, especially the ones laden in fats are responsible for the slower absorption of the erectile dysfunction drugs in your system. So, taking heavy fats before or after the ED drugs will affect its effectiveness.

The makers of the medicine suggest stopping consuming fatty foods two hours before taking the ED drugs so that it may not affect its working. A heavy meal is gonna retard the metabolism.

Experts say that holding off fatty foods can also help you to minimize the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Taking a Small number of fats seldom won’t harm you but the regular intake of fatty foods must be avoided.

In case, you cannot skip heavy meals then try to take fatty foods for breakfast. And then make your meals lighter as the day ends, this way, dinner is going to be the lightest meal of your day.

TIP NO. 3:  Don’t do what others suggest, look for your own solution

Erectile dysfunction has many treatment options available, each has its own way of administration and the required dosage. In case, you choose sildenafil because it worked for your co-worker then you must change your approach. A medication may be effective for someone and may not be helpful for you. So, all you need to do is to look for the medication that suits you the best.

If one kind of medicine does not suit you then try some other medicine available in the market. You have to listen to your body and work accordingly. If you act as per your body demands then you will witness fewer cases of nervousness, anxiety, and stress during sexual activity.

TIP NO. 4:  Take note of drug interactions beforehand

There are many drugs for other medical conditions that interact with ED drugs. So, it is important to take the medicine as per the doctor’s directions to keep any unfortunate incidents at bay. The common medications that ED drugs may interact with are:

•    Drugs for hypertension

•    Drugs for HIV

•    Drugs for heart problems

•    Pain killers

•    Drugs for liver problems

•    Drugs for kidney disorders

TIP NO. 5: Ditch medications for long-lasting effects

The medications for erectile dysfunction are helpful but they come with lots of side effects as well. These medications have many negative effects that can be dangerous if used for a long span of time. Another important thing to note is that by using these medicines you can just stop your symptoms but you cannot cure your disease with the meds. Some disorders associated with ED drugs are:

•    High cholesterol        

•    Hypertension

•    Obesity in

•    diabetes

TIP NO. 6: Go for a healthier lifestyle

All the treatments available for ED are temporary and the symptoms may come back once you stop continuing the treatment. So, it is better to look for a long lasting solution. For treating the disorder fully, you must switch to a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily, take a proper diet.


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