3 Tips To Start Your Alcohol Delivery App in COVID-19

alcohol delivery app

Where the world has come to a standstill and lockdowns are imposed on cities and social distancing has become a norm, booze lovers are adopting a new way of getting their booze through online orders. They don’t want to take any chances of going out to liquor stores, malls, and grocery stores and get infected with the novel Coronavirus. On the other side, more and more grocery startups have started to provide liquor delivery as well. If you are someone thinking of starting your own online liquor delivery business, then this article is for you. Here, I have shared three important tips for getting started in the alcohol delivery business. Let’s proceed.

1. Carry Out Local Research 

Before you jump start your liquor delivery app, you should understand your local market. You should do a local survey of your customers. Ask them how do they currently purchase their liquor? Would they prefer shopping online for buying liquor? Also know whether your area has already any liquor delivery service? If yes, then what are the flaws and how your service will address those problems?  

You should also visit some local liquor stores and ask them whether they would be interested in registering a liquor marketplace app if they would be provided with a delivery person. You must create a business canvas and decide your stakeholders, key activities, customer relationship, channels, value proposition, and revenue model before you hop onto the development of your app. It will give you a clear picture on how your business will behave once it will be started. An effective business structure will help you reach your business goals in a strategic way. So don’t miss out on doing proper homework. 

2. Decide on Custom Development or Whitelabel App Solution

Once you have thorough research on your target market and partners, you can start finding your perfect mobile app development partners. Before you hire any company to work on your project, you have to do some digging about that company. Especially check the company’s credibility, past experience and work, and client policy. 

If you find your ideal app development associate, you should decide on whether you want to customize your whole app or you want to purchase an off-the-shelf product like Drizly clone. Custom development has your preferred technology stack, Moreover you can shape your app according to your research. Whereas, a ready-made app will have pre-built code. You can give the app with your brand name and design it accordingly. Even you will be able to add some add on features and payment methods in your clone app. 

The only difference will be in the pricing of the app. Custom development has higher prices because it is developed from scratch. Also Android and iOS both apps are developed separately. On the flip side, liquor delivery clone apps are affordable because there is no extra effort from the development side other than designing and integrations. 

With the Alcohol delivery clone app, you get;

  • Customer apps (iOS & Android)
  • Delivery Boy apps(iOS, & Android)
  • Liquor Store Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Main Website

3.Market Your Liquor Delivery App

You have bought or have given your liquor app for custom development. Now what? You will just sit there and wait for your customers and store owner to register? Of course you won’t. You will have to market your app. You must start social media campaigns or google ads to make your customers aware of your app. Also, you should attract more local liquor store owners to register in your marketplace by making them understand the advantage of your delivery app platforms. Initially, you will have to give discounts and coupons to your customers. 

Do not forget that delivery boys are the backbone of your business. Initially if you don’t have enough budget for giving salary to delivery boys, you could deliver it for yourself. You could also add some relatives or friends to do that until your business gets traction. Once your brand name gets established, you could hire a team of delivery boys by offering them attracting perks and benefits. 


Liquor delivery market is at its all-time high and profitable. People would appreciate a startup idea that would provide them liquor in just a few taps. Grocery startups like Instacart and Amazon fresh have already started doorstep delivery in this pandemic. You could also make your brand popular by creating an amazing app and providing the best service to your customers. 

Author Bio: 

Mahil Jasani is the CEO at the aPurple. He is a technological nerd who loves writing about trending technologies. In spare time, you’ll find him digging deep into the new innovations and startups.