Largest Beer Making Companies Across the Globe

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Beer, an alcoholic drink which is one of the favorite drinks of majority numbers of adults all around the world. A huge amount of population in all countries prefers drinking beer rather than whiskey. As been is known to be a healthy alcohol drink. It tastes better, cheaper than whiskey, healthier than whiskey and easily available. All the ingredients of beer are scientifically approved and the ingredient includes Vitamin B, Biotin, Potassium and much more that are good for human health. Every person has their own taste and so as their beer brand. There are many beer brewing brands all around the world and every beer brand has their own different taste.

Well, the beer industry is one of the most dominating industries in the market. It is the most consumed alcoholic drink as well as the most common beverages in the whole world. In this business, the competition is huge as there are too many companies that have already maintained their territories. According to the study, whiskeys are consumed less in comparison with beer. That is why the beer business is much more profitable.

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In those many beer brewing brands, there are few brands that are already dominating the market from a very long time. Also, some are new brands that are giving a tough competition to the existing brands.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 beer brewing brands that are highly consumed.


Well, this beer brewing company is Belgium based that is popular in the American beer market. The most popular product of Anheuser is Bud Light and Budweiser. This beer brewing company has increased its market value this year and became number one in the list of best beer brewing brands in the world. Though the competitors of Anheuser-Busch InBev are many it is maintaining its quality till now.


Heineken is one of the oldest beer-making companies in the world. It is been said that Heineken is brewing beer for 150 years. Heineken is a Dutch-based beer company and in Europe, it is listed as the number one beer-making company. Currently, it is serving 70 countries with more than 160 outlets.

Snow Beer

One of the Chinese brands called Snow is also coming with its amazing taste of beer. Snow is a sub-brand of one of the biggest Chinese market giants called ChinaResources’. Snow’s beers are the top-selling beers in the native land. Near about 20 million kiloliters of Snow beer is consumed every year.


This beer brewing brand is also one of the oldest companies in the world and is also very popular internationally. Carlsberg is now operating near about 140 beer sub-brands all around the world. From the last 40 years, Carlsberg has maintained its position of being one of the best beer-making companies is the whole world.

Competitive Beer Business

Yes, the beer selling business is quite competitive but if done with the right strategy, it can make you earn a lot. You don’t have to make your own brand, all you have to do is just sell the beers of existing brands in a better way. An on demand beer delivery app can help you out in making better beer business. Connect with any app providing company and have your own beer delivery app to make your beer selling business better.

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