Top 7 Weed-Friendly Travel Spots You Would Love to Go

weed friendly travel spots

Travelling is without a doubt among the most exciting things you can do for fun. However, what would make your trip even more fun is being able to smoke or vape marijuana during your vacation. It is extremely easy nowadays to get quality weed as you can buy weed online and get it in no time.

As it’s easy to access weed, you want to make sure you smoke your marijuana in a memorable place. This article will talk about 7 of the best weed-friendly places that you can visit:

1. Canada

On October 17, 2018, was a day of celebration for weed enthusiasts in Canada in support of the new law legalizing marijuana. Canada is the second country on the entire planet after Uruguay to legalize marijuana use.

What makes Canada a very great spot to visit is its beautiful cities, mountain ranges, arctic lands, and rich cuisines that you can smoke from as you enjoy the beauty of these sceneries. In addition, Canada has many cafes and marijuana dispensaries where you can get quality budget buds. Therefore, you should put Canada at the top of the list of the weed-friendly travel spots you want to visit as it will be a huge cannabis tourism attraction in a few years to come.

2. Uruguay

Uruguay made history in 2013 when it became the first country ever to legalize cannabis usefully. However, the rules and regulations of Uruguay don’t allow visitors to buy marijuana. That shouldn’t make you panic as Uruguay citizens are some of the friendliest people you can ever find. You can befriend someone familiar with the area to purchase marijuana for you instead of going through a lot of trouble to get it. If that seems tricky to you, then you can sign up for cannabis tours that are usually available in Uruguay.

Make sure you consider visiting Uruguay as it has some of the most attractive beaches in the whole of South America, which will give you the best chill spot to smoke weed from.

3. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful country, and most people know it for its unique canal cruises and some of the oldest coffee shops on the entire planet. For those who don’t know, we are not talking about the typical coffee shops. Coffee shops in the Netherlands, are places where the Dutch law has permitted to sell and buy marijuana.

However, this does not mean that marijuana use is legal in the entire country. These coffee shops are the only places where the local authority tolerates the selling of marijuana. You shouldn’t worry though as you can get weed from these coffee shops and smoke as much as you want. However, carry too much of it around the streets might get you in trouble.

4. Jamaica

Marijuana use has been a big part of the Jamaican culture for quite some time now. The legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Jamaica in 2015 was a great win for cannabis users. However, the government did not fully legalize using weed in the entire country. That shouldn’t worry you though as you can smoke freely in the Jamaican Caribbean during your vacation without getting into any trouble.

5. Colorado, USA

Most people consider Colorado as a home of marijuana enthusiasts. Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado around 2014, the residents of this state have been going crazy about it. There has been a massive increase in weed-friendly hotels, legal marijuana dispensaries, and many marijuana tours. This means you can view mind-blowing craft beers and rocky Colorado mountains as you smoke weed without any worries.

6. Portugal

Portugal is the major talk in Europe at the moment as a significant tourist destination. A lot of people have been visiting some of Portugal’s most attractive tourist attractions such as Archipelago of the Azores, lovely Porto or Algarve and Sintra, which is what has made it so popular. Portugal allows people to carry small personal quantities of any type of drug, including weed. So, when you visit these beautiful attraction sites, no one will question you for having a good alone time as you smoke marijuana.

7. Alaska, USA

This state is the only one that can offer you an excellent opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, discover some of the largest glacier in entire North America, or enjoy smoking legal weed. In 2014, Alaska made marijuana for recreational use legal.  You can find many weed shops where you can easily buy weed in Alaska. However, you should not smoke it in public as the local authorities don’t allow that. When it comes to amazing weed-friendly spots that you can visit, you can never run out of options. Therefore, it is now up to you to decide which one sounds more fun to you, and if possible, you can even visit all of them to have different experiences. However, getting your MK ultra before traveling is better to ensure you get a great experience out there.

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