Traveling With Medical Marijuana: Guide & Tips

Traveling With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a tricky thing to bring with you when you travel. Many would suggest not trying it, and they’re right. But it can be done if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to traveling with medical marijuana.

1. Hide it in plain sight

The first method for you to travel with your medical marijuana is to avoid being so obvious about it. This means leaving your buds and flowers behind and only bringing products that aren’t so obvious to be medical marijuana.

Remember, in most places around the world marijuana is still considered to be an illegal substance and airport authorities won’t hesitate to apprehend you if they think you’re transporting drugs. There are many other marijuana products available on online dispensary Canada legal websites.

2. Avoid getting high

If your medical marijuana is the type that’s loaded with THC, then chances are taking it right before or during traveling will make you really high. You would want to avoid this. Maybe consider taking it once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Going to the airport high is never a good idea. It will raise suspicion and might even prompt airport authorities to search your luggage for illicit drugs. TSA’s have a keen eye on people’s behavior. They might not all know that you’re traveling high, but they will certainly pull you aside if they think you’re acting weird in any way.

3. Put it in a nondescript package

Now that you know which products to bring that won’t alert any suspicion, you need to pack it properly. The ideal way to pack your medical marijuana is to make it seem like it’s like any other prescription drug you take.

You can put your pills and edibles in medicine bottles and store them together with your toiletries. This way, should you be unfortunate enough to undergo a search, they won’t seem too obvious when they open your luggage.

4. Never get behind the wheels

If your travels require you to get in a car, then make sure that you don’t take any of your medication right before the trip. That will only put you and others on the road in danger. Even just a little amount of THC in your bloodstream is enough to affect your driving habits. It’s also enough to prosecute you of driving under the influence should you ever get caught.

So save yourself from the hassle and only drive when you have a clear head. You can always take your medical marijuana once you’ve reached your destination.

5. Consider leaving it behind

When it comes to traveling with your medical marijuana, as far as the general advice goes, consider leaving it behind. The reason is marijuana is still considered an illegal substance in many places. You can even go to jail for owning it.

You can certainly talk to your doctor about suggesting a temporary alternative to your medical marijuana during your travels. This way you’re still taking your medication but without the stress and anxiety that comes with traveling with a contraband substance.

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