Uber for Escorts with great feature without compromising personal privacy

uber for escorts

Now you can hire an escort just like you hire a cab. Uber for Escorts is a unique application which helps clients to connect with prostitutes in the immediate area. The demand for a smart phone application for prostitution is increasing as more people use their smartphones wherever they go and use it for various purposes booking a cab, restaurant, food ordering etc. So why not use an application which helps connect with escorts in your area? The app not only helps the clients but also safeguards rights of escorts by helping them by giving them access to quality clients who are verified and registered. 

Great features offered by the application

Uber for escorts is a unique application which works almost in similar terms like booking a cab. However, instead of a cab, you book an escort for sexual services. There are various amazing features offered by this application and some of them are mentioned below. 

Get registered easily

In order to start using the application, the first step for the customer or an escort is to register on the application. You need to provide some of the details like name, mobile number and address. This helps ensure that only verified users or escorts are able to access the app and ensure quality delivery without any possibility of frauds. So, the app should have an easy registration process. And must be convenient for the clients as a lengthy process can easily irritate any user. 

Tracking option

the app also possesses GPS enabled tracking system which lets the client know the estimated arrival time and also provides safety to both client and the escort by letting them share their location with known people. 

Profile creation

Customers can check the profile of escorts online and check their pictures from where they can get an idea about the escorts. It makes it easier for the clients to choose an escort based on their sexual preference. The application allows easier profile creation for escorts and allows them to put their sexy pictures. And even videos online which the client will be able to access. 

Review your meeting

At the end of the meeting, reviews or feedback can be share online for overall quality and accuracy of the profile. The reviews allow other customers or clients to get an idea about the experience they can get with a specific escort. 

Payment options

Flexible payment options are available for clients. Which makes it easier to make payment of booking easily by card or cash.

How the app allows great features without compromising on privacy

There is always susceptibility in the minds of users that booking an escort with an app will compromise their security. But this is not true as the app owners ensure complete privacy and safeguards. Customer information by not relieving any kind of information to any third party. This means that a customer can make a booking at any location they want. This also holds true for the sex workers as they get a safe environment in accordance with local laws. 

Are you looking for an app which allows you to book an escort with click of a button? Uber for escorts is a unique application that provides amazing features like easy registration, live tracking, profile accessibility, review and easy payment options. 

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