Ideas to consider for your Uber for marijuana app development

Uber for marijuana app development

Are you running a medical marijuana dispensary? Yes? Then read this article to understand how you can increase your ROI and make your product reach a wide segment of audiences in the countries where cannabis is legal. 

There is a rising demand for marijuana, with an annual growth of 24.1% from 2019 to 2025, since it is adopted as a pharmaceutical product to treat medical conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and other nerve-related problems. But many people do not want to visit the dispensaries every time to purchase them. Hence, they are in the lookout for businesses that can deliver cannabis to their doorsteps, making their lives easy. 

If you come up with a solution to fulfill this increasing need, it is likely for your business to succeed in the long run. The development of an on-demand marijuana app is all it takes to reach more audiences in less time. 

A sneak-peek into the market size and growth of cannabis

  • As of February 2019, marijuana has been legalized in several states of the US, namely California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Colorado, Nevada, Vermont, Michigan, Massachusetts, District of Columbia. In total, medical marijuana is brought to use in 33 US states.
  • The cannabis industry will reach US$ 80 billion by 2023 in the US.
  • The global market size of marijuana is expected to reach US$ 66.3 billion by 2025.

The statistics above explains why taking your existing marijuana business or starting a new one can earn you a lot of benefits. If you have understood the importance of a marijuana delivery app for your business, it is time to dive into the development of the app. We have come up with a few ideas for the successful development of your Uber for marijuana app.

Idea #1. Integration of live video streaming feature into the app 

Even after the legalization of cannabis, some people feel hesitant to ask questions to their doctors in person when it comes to marijuana. Removing this constraint and educating your target audience about the health benefits offered by medical marijuana will help in increasing sales. It benefits the cannabis industry, along with introducing your business as a thought leader in your industry.

There are more chances for people to turn to your business as you clarify their queries and assure the advantages of consuming medical marijuana. You can live stream stories of medical inventions happening through cannabis. Also, you can allow the end-users to connect with doctors and people who have a thorough understanding of marijuana and its benefits. Making them communicate with the experts through your app builds trust in your business.

How to go about it

Live stream videos to impart knowledge to your target audience on how cannabis works in a human body, how the medicines are made, and the right amount of intake. Sharing apt information about your industry engages your audience and makes them lean towards your business for the purchase of cannabis.

Integrate an in-app chat option through which the online users can connect with experts to get their marijuana-related queries resolved. You can also live stream videos of your actual works in your app. It helps you win loyal customers with ease.

uber for marijuana

Idea #2. Advanced features for the seamless functioning of the app

Include all essential as well as advanced features needed for the seamless functioning of the app. Even a minor glitch might make the customers go to your competitors. If possible, provide same-day delivery of medical marijuana to places that are located within a specified radius of your dispensary.

Some of the key features to include are

List of marijuana: Include a variety of weed options in your app for your users to choose, along with their health benefits. You can also provide a filter option, helping them avoid scrolling through the app to find the weed of their preference.

Multiple payment modes: Ensure to integrate various payment gateways into your app so your users can pay with a mode of their preference.

Real-time tracking: A geolocation map integration will help your users to track their orders, allowing them to know the arrival of their delivery priorly. Also, you can send them the status of their orders through push notifications.

‘Uber weed near me’ option: Help your users find the medical dispensaries that provide weed medications near their locations. You can also help them find rehabs for weed de-addiction and the availability of doctors nearby.

Idea #3. Provide information about your industry

Your Uber for medical cannabis application can also serve as an informative platform, making it a one-stop solution for all the doubts of your users about cannabis. 

How to go about it 

Help your users learn about cannabis, its health benefits, and its production process. Establish your business as a significant source of knowledge for news and updates related to the marijuana industry. It will make them rely on your business for information, and they might even place their cannabis orders on your app when needed.


If you have understood the importance of Uber-like cannabis delivery business, it is time to get into the app development process. Several app development companies offer white-label Uber for marijuana app development solutions. Such solutions are readily available and are 100% customizable as per the needs of your business. Opting for such readymade apps will save you both time and resources, helping you launch your app in the shortest time possible. 

What are you waiting for? Reach out to the leading developer in town to get your Uber for marijuana app hit the market in a flash.

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