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Along with the qualifications and experience, remaining on top of the profession requires further training. Research and development moving at super speed, you are soon left behind, no matter the sector. Dr Jun Hyun Kim and his group at Dentist at Windsor continually strive to know what is new. Along with technology and software, they use fine quality materials and provide personalized services. The best treatments should be long-lasting after all the time, labour and expense and they satisfied me. 

Struggling with the fear of the dentist

The new generation growing up with technology has an innate understanding. The elders still fear that mostly white dental apparatus and a chair that points towards heaven. However, it is often not an enlightening experience though tooth problems are getting solved. For the duration of the procedure, it does feel like a dose of hell. Keeping the mouth open for long at strange angles with injecting, probing and frisking for an eternity used to be so painful. 

Not so any longer! At least, not with Dr Jun. It is a pity that many neglects and postpone dental issues only because it seems so tedious and such a headache to visit the dentist. On the contrary, checkups should become a regular feature. The old days had healthy lifestyles without fast food getting everywhere. People were physically far more active as compared to television and computer culture nowadays. No wonder all the strong jaws and teeth earlier. It is said that jaw sizes are reducing now, probably because we do not use them enough. 

Custom experiences at the Dr Jun clinic put the heart and mind at rest. Not every patient is the same, and individual attention with the dental and family history makes you feel good and cared for. Appointments are so arranged that there is little waiting time. I found the entire system of consultation, treatments and payments quite well organized and stress-free. 

Looking and feeling good in 2020

Nothing comes easy in life though the world does appear like a pretty dream. Whether it is education or job success, building a home or dressing well, it is a bitter struggle. Strange though it may sound, it is the same story with maintaining your teeth that give rise to those ecstatic smiles. In a digital media age, it is quite possible to attain those pretty teeth in advertising and put on those attractive grins. If you want to straighten teeth or fix veneers for better tooth shapes, the software shows the before and after images, and you know what to expect. AI and virtual reality are certainly doing better than humans, though we created them. 

You need not rush, though early is better

I am getting the impression from my own experience that most adults have several dental issues. Get immediate attention if teeth get very painful. The truth is that many dental ailments can be postponed almost indefinitely though it may get worse and require costly and complicated procedures later. A consultation with the Dentist Prahran would clear up the mysteries and reveal the reality about the teeth. You will know what is possible and what is not and how much the procedure will cost. Perhaps insurance will cover it. Avoid living in nightmares where you imagine all sorts of maladies that do not exist. 

I will throw light on certain dental procedures I undertook along with the family and some friends with Dr Jun.  Say goodbye to irrational hesitations and stop dreading dentists.

Restorative Dentistry

Gold and silver, porcelain and zirconia or a blend of materials may be used to shape and support weak or misshapen teeth structures. Inlays and Onlays make an aesthetic difference, and you feel good about it too. 

A dental bridge is a prosthesis that replaces teeth by connecting with neighbouring teeth. A mixture of porcelain and metal, gold and zirconia are possibilities. 


Indulge in pleasant cosmetic dreams

Perfection may never be achieved, but augmentation is always possible! Get a teeth whitening and filling session at the very least and watch the sparkle in the smile.  It feels so healthy and hygienic. You should be getting such cleaning sessions regularly to keep a check on dental health

Gum lifts and porcelain veneers help much to improve the feel-good factor. Shapely and even teeth that express just like the face and lips dazzle would be an asset professionally. Don’t give up but persevere. Get those delicate jewel-like teeth to attract social media followers. 

Few know that the gum and face, jaw and bone health go together, complementing each other. Dentists check out all the conditions and ensure optimum health.  

Playing around with the gums

Some suffer from large gums that result in crazy smiles! Reshaping or removing excess glue would correct the problem. Otherwise, aesthetically displeasing gummy smiles, suffering oral hygiene and gum diseases may occur. Reasons may be many for the excessive gums that may be genetic or due to illness. Augmentation is possible, but it is a complicated procedure to restore the natural cosmetic smile that everybody wishes. 

Quality treatment and Quality care

Machines and software, technology and dentistry, have brought about a levelling of treatments. It appears as if every dentist offers similar treatments at approximately the same costs. While that may be true in a sense, some subtle differences exist. Personalized and dedicated treatments are few. Receive excellent treatments here with an accuracy of diagnosis in complete honesty. Besides, it is a relaxed, comfortable experience for every generation.  Get mentally prepared, and the specialists will do the rest thoroughly. Look forward to an excellent experience with a minimum of the stress factor. 

Dentist at Windsor is well equipped with machines, software and staff to take on every challenge of every generation. Contact to PRAHRAN FAMILY DENTAL for the valid answer to the quest for long-lasting dental health solutions. Early or late, make dentists a regular habit and ensure healthy food and drink practices. 

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