When to visit the eye doctor_ Few signs to look out for!

eye doctor

It could be that the person has been facing some kind of discomfort lately in the eyes, which can be painful at times and may also cause tear to come out. If the discomfort or pain is not alleviated gently using soft running water or perhaps even after taking some rest, then it is probably high time to visit the best eye hospital in India without any further delay. Eye problems may take place in any person, irrespective of age and gender and there can be numerous causes to it. The eyes should be checked properly and thoroughly only by a qualified and experienced eye specialist associated with the top hospital in the domain. Besides this, it will be wise to schedule an appointment with the eye specialist immediately if the person experiences extreme discomfort or pain in the eyes. 

Few signs requiring the person to visit the eye clinic or hospital immediately

  • Experiencing double vision: There are times, when the person may experience problems of double vision. Whatever he/she looks at seems to appear double, when in truth it is just a single piece. In such a case, the person is probably risking some abnormalities that need to be considered immediately. Such conditions might include Astigmatism, Amblyopia (also called lazy eye) and Monocular Double Vision. They tend to relate to the cornea being damaged. It is never a good thing to see things double. But if the person is experiencing this issue, then visiting the doctor will help to fix things right. 
  • Having difficulty to view at night: There are many who may experience night blindness after an accident or with age or for some other reason. It can be considered to be an early sign to develop cataract problems. This condition might not be noticed easily if there is present adequate lighting. But when driving out at night, it can become real uncomfortable to view the road clearly. If there arises a need to have someone’s help to walk to the bathroom during night time as lights are out, then probably, the person is experiencing night blindness to some extent, the treatment of which should not be put off for a later time. 
  • Contracting eye infection: Some people tend to have the habit to self-diagnose their health issue and take basic treatments without any medical advice. This is never advisable especially when the problem arises in the eyes or its surrounding region. This is because eyes are extremely sensitive and needs to be taken proper care of. Wrong treatments or medicines used may only cause complications in the eye and at times, even cause temporary blindness that can become permanent and incurable. It is for this reason any issue pertaining to the eyes or the surrounding region should always be treated by a certified and experienced eye specialist at the best eye hospital in India. He/she can provide a more viable solution and will have the necessary expertise to find out what exactly the problem is. The qualified doctors will also have greater access to the modern, sophisticated medical equipment present at the top eye hospitals. Using such tools, they can diagnose accurately the patient’s condition and offer appropriate remedy to get prompt relief. Infections may affect if harmful microorganisms or elements enter the eyes. this should be treated only by a good eye doctor. 
  • View floaters: White dot pieces or floaters when seen occasionally can be normal. But viewing all the time may lead to blindness. If shadows or flashing lights are noticed with floaters, then it can be an indication of retina associated condition. The eye doctor needs to be visited immediately for treatment. 
  • Experiencing headaches: It can be an indicator of how tired the eyes feel or there may be required necessary adjustments with the vision. It might occur if the person stares at the mobile or computer screen for very long time. The eyes do require a good break from such screen glares. Headaches might also be experienced due to working under extreme bright light or dim light. Lighting should be adjusted in a manner to provide great comfort to the eyes. 

The above are just few indicators as to when the eye doctor is to be visited.

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