Want Your Cannabis High to Last Longer? Try These 3 Amazing Hacks

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Are you a cannabis user and looking for ways to make your high last longer than usual? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, you are going to learn about some of the fascinating hacks that can help your cannabis high last much longer.

There is no denying that every cannabis user enjoys getting high. But no matter how much you want that high to last a bit longer, the effects will most definitely wear off after a few hours. No matter how potent a cannabis strain you buy from a recreational cannabis dispensary in California, the effects of that strain can not last for more than a few hours.

In addition, when you use cannabis for a long time, your body gets used to it, which increases your tolerance levels. That means you do not get as high as you used to when you smoked your weed for the first time. But do not feel disappointed. There are a few hacks that you can try to make your high last a bit longer. So, without wasting more time, let’s go through those hacks.

Hack 1. Enjoy the taste of mangoes

If there’s one thing that can take your high to the next level instantly, it is a delicious mango. Yes, eating a mango has worked for a lot of people in the past. Even the most experienced cannabis users claim that eating mango after smoking a joint can help you enjoy an intense high for longer. Mangoes have terpenes, such as myrcene, which are also present in the marijuana strains that you buy from the best weed dispensary in Santa Ana. So, when you eat mango, these terpenes go directly to your bloodstream. THC in your marijuana interacts with the terpenes, which intensifies your high.

Hack 2. Make a cup of tea for yourself

If you do not have mangoes at home while you are smoking joints, there is one thing that you can do – drink a cup of tea or black coffee. If you want to heighten the effects of your weed, you can drink a cup of tea or black coffee. It does not matter whether you drink it before or during your smoking session. Certain antioxidants in these beverages can aid in increasing the efficiency of cannabinoids in your strain.

Hack 3. It’s time to exercise

The last hack that you can try to intensify your cannabis high is exercising. You can exercise before or after you smoke your weed, as it can increase THC levels. That helps in increasing the intensity and duration of your high. It is better to do some exercise before you start smoking because you might just want to sit and enjoy the high after you are done smoking.


It is true that some strains can offer more intense effects than the others; the above-mentioned hacks can take those effects to the next level. So, just find a “recreational cannabis dispensary near me in California” to buy your weed and then try these hacks to increase the intensity of your high.

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