What is Arthroscopy & Why is it Necessary?


If you have arthritis in your knee or hip, you might start to notice pain and discomfort over time. The good news is that there is a treatment for this condition called arthroscopy. This procedure involves an orthopedic surgeon making a small incision in the arthritic joint. It is a surgical procedure, which involves removing growths or lesions from soft tissue advancements and also extracting foreign substances such as bone particles.

Arthroscopy is a medical technique that allows doctors to see through and directly alter the inside of the joint. This procedure is usually not painful, but patients experience some pain relief from local anesthesia. Arthroscopy is a means of accessing the joint space to assess and or remove bone lesions or free blood from the joint capsule. It is recommended that patients undergo arthroscopy when medical treatment has been sought, but the related symptoms have not responded to medical efforts, such as non-surgical treatment for injuries in the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee through diagnostic as well as therapeutic, including complex reconstructions and repairs. 

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What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is an increasingly practiced surgical procedure in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of conditions. Its use begins with a brief history either via pre-operative evaluation or a description of the current status of the patient. It is used to visualize and treat problems deep inside the body. The technique removes fluid, synovial fluid, twisted bone fragments, and cartilage that need serious attention. Arthroscopy is usually a minimally invasive procedure done through a small incision on the joint surface.

A small cut is made in the skin and tissue surrounding the joint. Exterior to this open area, surgeons will use an arthrotomy instrument with a tiny video camera attached to view the structure of the torn tissue. In more complex cases, surgeons may drill into the muscle wall of the jaw or from below the chin to assist in removing damaged tissue. It has less risk and patients typically recover much faster from arthroscopy procedures. 

Why is it Necessary?

Arthroscopic surgery is a painless technique and it has also been proven to be more successful than other surgical procedures. The goal is to make an improvement in patients’ range of motion and health without requiring them to take prescription drugs after the surgery. Arthroscopy can be done for repairing or resection of torn cartilage from the knee area,

reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee joint area, removal of inflamed lining (synovium) in the knee, shoulder, elbow wrist, or ankle area, removal of loose bone or cartilage in the knee, shoulder, elbow, or wrist area.

The importance and usage of arthroscopy for various orthopedic conditions in humans including osteoarthritis, cartilage disorders, strains, meniscuses. Arthroscopy can also be used for diagnostic purposes as well. In many cases, arthroscopies are used to evaluate balance in elderly patients who may have difficulty with walking or making more rapid moves. The surgery is not life-threatening at all. 

How Arthroscopy Helps the Patients with Function and Mobility?

Arthroscopy is a relatively advanced procedure that has been making waves in the medical field because it can greatly improve the functioning, quality of life, and mobility of patients. Though it is performed by using tiny instruments that are inserted into the joint via a small incision, it will not impact the patient’s life with side effects. This process not only reduces swelling and inflammation but also removes damaged tissue and makes use of growth factors to help promote healing. 

People can make a full recovery in less than 10 days, most patients are able to return back to their normal activities after their surgery is done. This can be very beneficial for anyone who is trying to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Arthroscopy has already received laudatory reviews for its ability to do wonders for both people’s health and general wellbeing.