One question that non-smokers often ask, is that why do people feel the need to smoke? I mean, if it is nicotine they are after, why not hit yourself with an espresso instead of burning your lungs? Well, the answer is pretty simple: some joys are inexplicable. Life today is much more complicated than it used to be earlier. The kind of tension that people go through every single day is almost ten times that of what used to be ten years back. But does tension and stress justify smoking? The answer to this is a very subjective one. It entirely depends upon whether we cast smoking as purely evil, or we look at it as something which has some medicinal value. It does come as a shocker for a lot of people that Cigarette isn’t completely bad.


What’s good about Smoke?

You will surprise to know that smoking regularly is a much bigger reason due to a reduction of stress as opposed to mere addiction. In fact, smoking is one of the relatively easier to get away from forms of addiction in the market today.

Why do people feel the need to intoxicate?

The state of intoxication is one without inhibitions. Our walls are dropped, we are temporarily relaxed and our immediate state of agitation is relieved. When a person is under stress or is extremely agitate at the spur of the moment. He tends to make bad decisions which might have severe consequences.

Studies indicate that people who have the habit of smoking when agitated, stressed or under pressure, tend to take the right decision 88% of the times, as compared to non-smokers who would see red and make the right choice only 43% of the times.

Are statistics reliable?

Not always. Many people argue that statistics are a very bad indicator of actual reality because a lot of the factors depend on the subject group and the way of experiment. However, in our daily lives to we come across people who take bad hasty decisions as compared to people. Who are a little calm and have another way of relieving their pressure rather than instant reactions.

Buying the right cigarette

Although I would always suggest smoking to people under high stress, it is very bad. And illegal for people under the age of 18 to smoke. This is why all vendors must be especially careful to ensure that no minor is lured into the smoking world at the wrong time.

Apart from this even adults need to know the right kind of smoke for them. There are many online forums available that discuss the actual usability and the nature of cigarette. If going out and buying cigarettes is quite difficult for you, you can also buy cigarettes online to enjoy doorstep delivery.

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