To legalize or not legalize marijuana has been a topic of debate for not only years and decades but centuries. Medical Cannabis, the most widely cultivated, trafficked and abused the illicit drug. Half of all drug seizures around the world are of marijuana.

In most of the countries, the law states that it is illegal to grow, possess, smoke or supply cannabis to another person. Also, dealing with cannabis issues has become more difficult as some states have already made it legal while some have not. Few countries want it legalized for medicinal purposes, while others want it legalized for recreational use.

Thus, it’s high time, Countries must rethink about the decision of cannabis legalization worldwide.

Concerns about Legalization

 The organizations which are opposing the idea of the legality of cannabis are concerned about its:

  • Increased use or Addiction

It is the misconception among many that marijuana has the potential for drug addiction, especially among teens. Hence, mostly believed that teens with marijuana addiction are more likely to arrest for crimes such as burglary, shop theft, or for robbery and handling stolen goods.

  • Mental Illness

Some think that it can reduce public health related issues, including mental health. There are still doubts among various organizations regarding how it is affecting anxiety and stress related issues.

medical cannabis

  • Gateway Drug Hypothesis

One of the primary issues that concerns most of them is that cannabis can be a “gateway drug”. According to them, marijuana is likely to initiate the use of other illicit substances which could further develop lead to their addiction.

  • Driving while using cannabis

It has been a concern that marijuana reduces the ability to safely drive a vehicle as it impairs your ability to multitask and pay attention.


Benefits of Cannabis legalization

Cannabis, widely used even though it is illegal. But with legalization, specific regulations can impose for its use for medical as well as recreational purposes. It further contributes towards the well being of the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Cannabis should be legalized as: 

  • It is Medically Effective

Cannabis is a medically potent plant which contains therapeutically beneficial cannabinoids (THC/CBD) having anti-depressant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-emetic, anti-oxidant and various other properties. There has been substantial evidence of the medical benefits for nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, anorexia, and cachexia in HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, especially neuropathic pain, spasticity in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.

medical marijuana

  • It can replace Toxic, Addictive Pharmaceuticals

As the current situation of the opioid epidemic is worsening, one needs to switch to alternative methods to manage chronic pain.  Already around 2.5% of the world is consuming cannabis. Cannabis is helpful in blocking the pain signals in the nervous system with no potential risk of fatal overdose. Cannabis also benefits by decreasing the drug addiction issues which is the common side effect with opioids.

  • It has Low Addiction Problems

A study has shown that only 9% of marijuana users get its addiction as compared to addiction in 32% tobacco, 15% alcohol, and 16% cocaine users.

Cannabis Vaping

  • Medical Cannabis Vaping is less harmful than Cigarette Smoking

Research shows that vaping significantly improves the respiratory function as it does not produce toxic or other potentially harmful substances. However, smoking cigarette leads to burning and inhaling by-products which can be potentially carcinogenic.

  • Eliminates the risk of  illegal trade and other crimes

As the costs of cannabis prohibition are too high, legalization will reduce the burden of government authorities. This will further reduce the cost of resources that used to impose fines and to create awareness to ban the activities concerned with the use of cannabis.

  • Helps increasing the Tax Revenue

Through legalization, the concerned state authorities can impose the tax on cannabis products which can significantly increase the revenue. The states that have legalized marijuana have already reaped over $200 million in combined tax revenue while saving money in the police department, courts, prisons, parole and probation offices, and other agencies that are burdened by cannabis prosecutions.

  • Can create Job Opportunities

With its legalization, the government can raise job opportunities which will further help in reducing unemployment rates.  In Colorado alone, legalization has created over 18,000 jobs and contributed over $2.5 billion to the state economy.

Considering people from the states where cannabis has been legalized are using cannabis with no serious reported incidents, we should analyze its benefits from other perspectives also. Many activities are potentially more harmful than using cannabis like drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking are still legalized. Hence, rather than considering it illegal, more focus should be laid on curating guidelines, laws to make its use safer and more productive for the society as a whole.

It’s always better to consume cannabis for health benefits rather than for any recreational purposes which serves both the purposes. The recreational smokers can switch to medical marijuana recommendations from the reputed licensed specialists in Orange County.

Author Bio:

James Harper was born and raised in California. He loves reading books and blogs. The reading habit generates many ideas in his mind and he started writing. He started his own blogs and soon become a famous Blogger.