We have often heard that vaping is an art. We probably can’t put a date to when vaping was started or how it was founded, but we definitely know that it is a very unique and creative way to experience all the joys of smoking.


Let us discuss some of the top reasons why people vape

To quit smoking

This is probably the biggest reason why people start vaping. It is no hidden secret that as cool as smoking might be, there are many health effects of these desire rolls that are a serious cause of concern. As the awareness of the gravity of the situation sinks in, more and more people want a simpler solution that can do the job for them without hurting them as much.

Smokers who have turned vapers are more often than not more educated than the common populace when it comes to the protection and studies concerning vaporizing. You can count on them for being completely informed about the fact that vaping is 95% safer than conventional cigarettes. For the most part, these people switch to vaping because it is not as detrimental to the lung and the heart.

Because it is a Hobby

There’s no telling on what can become a hobby. Some people like collecting coins, some people like gaining more knowledge about cars and others like to vape. The hobbyist vape fan is someone who will know everything about vaping.

These people are certainly going to be the snobbish and typical “holier than thou” kind of people. Have you ever met a wine snob? Well, just replace the wine factor with the vape factor and you have a vape hobbyist.

They will know exactly what accessory with give you what flavor, what experience is unique to which device etc. You can also rest assured that they will have a collection of different kinds of vape sticks for different situations or moods.

For the Taste

It is true. Cigarettes not only leave a terrible after smell in the mouth, they taste bad. Vape sticks on the other hand are surprisingly, well, tasty. The aromas and the flavors that you can get in a vape stick are practically infinite. Choose different kinds of juices and e liquids according to your tastes.

Vape fanatics just love the taste, cloud production, silkiness, and the way it hits. These practiced users are absolutely open to trying new flavors, combinations, PG/VG ratios, and adore discussing these topics with fellow vape devotees.

They also often have many different juices or herbs that they use for different experiences or needs. And in all probabilities they have tried accessories to devices such as bubblers to enrich both the taste and vapor.

Medicinal vaping

The vape herbalists know the never-ending reward of nature, they are familiar with that roughly any sickness can be treated using a form of herbal or aromatherapy. When used for medicinal purposes, the herbs and juices used are mostly specialized ones that are dedicatedly collected and chosen to ensure that it serves the purpose of treatment. Since there’s no real risk associated with it and it also doesn’t affect anyone else but the vape user, it is always the recommended means of pacification.

To Socialize and mingle with people

Whoever said that addicted was the strongest way of making friends, said it absolutely correctly. There is absolutely no way in which a bond over a glass of wine is weaker than a bond over a glass of water. This extends to vaping as well. Since the section of the population that has turned to vaping isn’t as big as any other form of addiction, the bond that can be formed is very strong.

Consider a scenario where you are standing alone at a party holding a stick of vapor and alone. You have no one to mingle with, when suddenly you spot someone else vaping. You will instantly click with that person. You will end up exchanging numbers and promise to keep in touch.

This is just one example of how people all over the world treat any form of addiction. We all look for something common when we strike a conversation with someone. We want people to have something that we do, if we are to ever be friends. This is why, vape sticks form the excellent medium of friendship.

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