Why if Women Refuse to Smoke Cigarettes

Smoke Cigarettes

Having decided to quit the addiction – smoking, many women are afraid to recover immediately. It’s hard to think about being in a good mood, especially if you have an overwhelming desire to smoke the last cigarettes

u, and there is a reason. Based on this, the main question for the smoker is Tips to Quit Smoking  and not get better? The answer for each individual is individual, you can quickly become addicted to a bad habit, but it is much more difficult to get rid of it, and any smoker goes on the road to recovery.

women refuse smoke

Why Do They Get Better With Quitting Tobacco?

Swallowing smoke, the smoker supplies his body with nicotine, which immediately begins to trigger chemical reactions, which result in the production of adrenaline. This leads to an increase in the body of the number of nutrients consumed and the person, no matter how much he ate, does not get better.

Interesting! At the end of the last century, a scandal erupted in America when it turned out that some tobacco companies secretly injected special additives into their cigarettes that blocked the feeling of hunger. A person could manage a whole day with a minimum amount of food since cigarettes completely dulled his normal physical needs. But this is only a special case, that in fact they now contain tobacco sticks, it is difficult to establish which manufacturer will give out its secrets.

A sane person should understand that it is not without reason that he chooses a certain brand of cigarettes, it turns out that he likes tobacco blend, which the manufacturer collects at his discretion, and which flavors in it are not written on the pack.

Here are some adequate and proven reasons for weight gaps after smoking:

  • Adrenalin. So, about the usual nicotine, you can see for yourself and your loved ones, that as soon as the head arises, you can smoke one cigarette and it becomes not so obvious. And when you start eating, adrenaline provoked by nicotine triggers metabolic processes, and the smoker, eating even a huge piece of cake at night, does not notice changes in his body in the morning, because all the calories due to accelerated metabolism are burned and the body needs to be consumed again nutrients.
  • Glucose. In addition, nicotine acts on the liver, helping to break down glycogen in it, an important substance that produces glucose, and it nourishes the body, therefore, so often smokers have no appetite. Even in the morning, when a healthy person cannot start his own without breakfast, he who smokes can do without a single cigarette.
  • Breaks Worrying about how to quit smoking, women have concerns about their psychological state, not only because of weight gain, but also the lack of joy of life. The fact is that nicotine particles can seriously affect certain areas of the brain and artificially enhance energy exchange. The person feels great, energy boils in him, he is full of efficiency. Immediately, as soon as he smokes a cigarette, he wants to manage grandiose affairs, and even with such soothing teeth misunderstandings and stress are more easily tolerated.After all, there is a companion who can not live a day without a cigarette. In many enterprises, it may seem strange, they allocate time and places for smoking, but they do not provide for rest or interruption for ordinary people. It turns out that society and working conditions dictate to a person.
  • Endorphins They are released by the human brain and affect the nervous system, the smoker tolerates stressful conditions more easily, because he has helped in the form of a cigarette, while the average person seizes his or her experiences with high-calorie food or spends time watching TV shows to distract him, and this only increases his weight body.After smoking, the sensitivity of information improves, as the level of glutamate responsible for memorization rises in the brain. That is why many lovers of smoking a cigarette run during working hours for frequent smoke breaks, their bodies constantly require new doses of nicotine, and without them refuse to work at their usual rhythm.

A complete cessation of smoking should not occur abruptly, the person who made such a decision should prepare and choose for himself the most optimal way in which his body will suffer the least. After all, for him to give up the habit is great stress, the smoker has developed certain dependencies over the years:

  • Constant employment of hands, some fingers get used to comfortably hold a cigarette and in the process of pinching a cigarette in their teeth, touch their lips.
  • For a long time in the body was the blunting of hunger, and here he constantly requires food and it is difficult to immediately determine the optimal rate.
  • In stressful situations, the smoker smokes a cigarette and calms down, and now you need to come up with a new occupation or dope that would compensate for nervous experiences.
  • Without an artificially created hormone of joy, a person becomes irritated and finds salvation in sweets and fatty foods from fast food, which guarantees quick weight gain.

the main thing is not to confuse eating at the request of the organism, which needs energy from the outside and jamming various “nicotine” hunger with sweets when the hands themselves are looking for a new pack of cigarettes in their pockets.

It is interesting! Scientists draw a parallel with the constant stimulation of oral receptors by a cigarette, a kind of man getting stuck in the early phase of his development. Simply put, a cigarette acts as a kind of pacifier for an infant who was weaned from her mother’s breast but was not taught to go without help, and when he cries or becomes upset he is given a nipple to calm her down. It turns out that giving up cigarettes is a step into adulthood, in which a person becomes fully responsible for any situation, and this frightens many.

All this for women comes down to one question, is it possible to stop smoking and stay at your kilograms without gaining additional weight? According to scientists, this is quite possible if you choose for yourself the appropriate way to restore your body poisoned with nicotine.

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Strong people do not like to be addicted to bad habits, over the years they have developed useful addictions that completely replace cigarettes, alcohol, irresistible parties and chaotic sex. A man by nature wants stability and confidence in the future, so many girls, having decided to start a family, come to refuse cigarettes voluntarily. There are several methods of quitting smoking, we give the most effective.

Decisive Way

Lying in the evenings and considering grandiose plans for the future, a woman begins to understand that she wants to look attractive and her teeth do not go to her face, which are yellow with nicotine, which take a lot of money to whiten, and cigarettes are not cheap. Why spend your earned money at your own expense if you can arrange a holiday and go to rest in any country with the money saved.

Having risen in the morning, she pledges herself not to touch cigarettes anymore. This method is suitable only for decisive people who are confident in their endurance and do not listen to the opinion of outsiders. After all, surely many familiar smokers will seduce her with a new portion of cigarettes or refuse to communicate without a smoke break, and standing next to them and breathing in such pleasant smoke is a difficult test.

In this case, the woman himself will ask his body to take a cigarette and dragon to get the usual dope of happiness. He will react to all smokers and subconsciously envy them, it needs to endure and not to break, otherwise, the second decision of quitting smoking will be even more difficult. After all, deceptiveness will be created, that you can always start smoking again, and then if you want to quit, but this is self-deception.

Better in the period of “nicotine breaking” to communicate more with friends who do not smoke and bypass those places where you can meet smokers.

Census Products in the Fridge

Many, when quitting smoking, clog this device to the utmost with all sorts of goodies and in the evenings simply absorb many high-calorie foods in themselves, which leads to weight gain. It is better for quitting smoking to choose the summer or autumn month when there are a lot of fruits, herbs and vegetables. You need to buy them in large quantities and make up for yourself a daily diet, in which in the first place will be only useful vitamins in combination with proteins (boiled meat and fish). It is not necessary to immediately go on a rigid diet, give preference to cereals and light meals that are quick to prepare, but they will be able to satiate the body completely, and have yogurt for dessert, make mousses and jelly.

It should be at least in the first months not to eat flour and sweet products, avoid fried and fatty dishes, choose only boiled sausage, and not smoked, exclude nuts and ice cream.

The Right Time

A woman’s body is somewhat more complicated than a man’s body; every month she experiences an unpleasant period called PMS. At this time, she witnessed such hormone jumps, that even male stress “was not around”. Given this, you should not give up smoking before these days or during them, the body cannot withstand such a load and a woman will experience a serious mental breakdown.

In addition, the protective functions of the body will work, which will not give extra fluid to leave the woman’s body and she will noticeably gain weight. The brain will begin to send impulses and demand sweets in order to artificially cause a “sweet hormone”, and a weak woman will increasingly get hungry and not know the measures.


Beautiful body, healthy white teeth are the dream of many girls and for the sake of it they can make any sacrifice, even give up their habitual smoking. You only need to adjust yourself, that everything will turn out, you just have to want it. Another incentive could be going to the gym, where you can meet a healthy and athletic guy or find new real ones, not virtual friends.

But just do not rush headlong to all simulators or run hard, even sports loads should be dosed. A body that was constantly in sleep mode cannot immediately reorganize and start working on itself without an artificial stimulus. Teach him slowly, but constantly. Initially, explain the situation to the coach, so that he picked up a set of exercises that will not have a strong effect on the heart and lungs because they suffer the most when smoking and after giving up on it you need to carefully bring them to normal operation.

Former smokers feel strong shortness of breath, which is why it is difficult for them, along with other girls, to perform simple exercises, this phenomenon quickly passes, but just need not be distracted and constantly go to class. In addition, you need to stock up with water to constantly fill up its shortage during classes, otherwise, you will feel a strong dry mouth.

The Right Drinks

Quitting smoking will be accompanied by many hardships, but the water regime must be observed by 100%. First of all, you need to stock up at home with clean drinking water, do not use the liquid from the tap, do not save on health and install a water filter in your homepage. If this is not possible, then you can buy a mini filter in the form of a jug with a replaceable cassette, which is selected depending on the hardness of the water and changes every three to six months. Spring water is also suitable or imported, but it must be purified so as not to harm your body, freeing it from nicotine and filling it with the contaminated liquid.

Regarding carbonated and sugary drinks – they also need to be abandoned, a great alternative would be mint tea, rosehip infusion, various herbal teas, dried fruit compotes, skim milk. You can drink regular water, adding to it the juice of lemon, orange, scarlet or mint leaves. Suitable dairy products.

It is also better to refuse coffee because it retains moisture in the body and prevents the removal of tobacco toxins. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited, not only because it is harmful to the convalescent organism, but during intoxication, a woman can return to her habitual nicotine addiction without being able to withstand such a joy in life in the piquant state.

After all, at home and among familiar friends it is very difficult to endure character and abandon familiar things. On vacation, changing the situation and getting rid of the routine will help to completely forget all the experiences that encourage the smoker to buy a new pack. You need to believe in your self-control and discover new possibilities of your body, among which may be a passion for a new hobby.

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