Have Cannabis Use an Effect on My Driving?

cannabis use effect my driving

The laws which determine driving while one is under the influence of cannabis exist for a reason.
This substance could get you in trouble by affecting your cognitive skills as well as motor functions thus, you are at a high risk of causing or getting involved in a traffic accident.

Let’s begin with the effects of using Cannabis while driving… 

Slower Reaction Time

Consuming cannabis will slow you down and as a result of this, you will panic slowly and this will reduce your ability to be able to respond in time to the danger that may occur to you.
If you’ve been high on cannabis and the car in front of you hits its brakes all of a sudden, the signal processing of the brain may take longer to perceive what is happening. Because of this, you do not have sufficient braking time and thus are at a high risk of being involved in collisions.

Distorted Sense of Space-Time

If you take cannabis, it may be completely different approach than just at any other time or place. As a result, your driving skills may be influenced badly. Time may seem to be moving much slower or faster, and with the difficulty in judging distances and movement speeds, it is easy to imagine yourself interacting with other pavement users. This can raise the possibility of crashing into another vehicle as the roundabout is being entered, mainly when wrong timing is used to make the way out.

Loss Of Control and Impairment of Judgement & Decision-Making Skills

Whilst cannabis can lead to relaxation, it can also result in bad decision-making as your thinking process may not be as usual. You might think that there is space to overtake another car, not paying attention that sharp bend on the road and therefore other cars would be an obstacle on your visibility. Your brain and senses may not be fully waking as normal. The danger of driving under such a condition is becomes dangerous. 

Lack Of Coordination

The alteration of balance and coordination can also be caused by the use of drugs, and consequently this can have an impact on your driving. While driving you must be vigilant and mindful of your surroundings; always anticipating any potential danger, use both hands and your feet to operate the controls. The use of cannabis is likely to make you incapable of performing such tasks correctly, thus putting you at risk on the road. 

What Will I Face If I Get Arrested Due to Cannabis Driving Under the Influence?

In case the police think that your driving may have been influenced by marijuana, they can stop you, and then they will carry out a field impairment assessment to see if you are sober. This might imply a roadside demonstration of the drug to prove that you have cannabis in your system. These findings can be interpreted as an indication that you were impaired by cannabis use and thus ineligible to drive. Chances are that you will be found and then brought to the police station for a blood or urine test to check and confirm that you were under the influence of drugs.

The Possible Penalties Could Be Drug Driving If the Test Will Bring You That Result

The penalties for cannabis-impaired driving include an unlimited fine, an absolute disqualification from driving for a minimum period of one year and/or a prison sentence that can extend to up to six months’

The penalty will thus be indicated on you record and your driving license

The penalties discussed above are only some of those you face following a drug driving charge. However, most importantly they can influence your future

In case you drive constantly as part of your job, your employer will be informed about your drug driving charge. In regard to cost, you are likely to experience a rise in car insurance premiums, and this could also be a problem if you have a criminal record that inhibits your access to some countries.

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