Do you have a Stoner Personality?

Personality traits are a beautiful thing. They help people bond, they make people predictable and most of all, we just like to talk about it. So, here’s a list of saucy characteristics that will tell you if you have a Stoner personality. You are Always Forgetful It might sound silly at first and you might […]

Countries where People Smoke the Most

Smoking is often considered a mark of hard work and a signature of seriousness. Smoking, in general, is a very sexy attribute. About 20% of the world’s adult population is a party to this beautiful indulgence. Let us identify the top smoking countries of the where smokers live their life king size! Top Smoking Countries List […]

Celebrities Who Smoke!

Smoking, in my opinion, is one of the most seductive and attractive activity if done right. However, not a lot of people see it that way. Well, maybe they’re just jealous. However, circling back to the idea of looking sexy or appearing attractive, let’s talk about the glam world and the number of celebrities who […]

Quick Guide for all Smokers

You will find Cigarette smokers of many kinds in this world. Some elite, some common and some just plain stupid. However, there are so many questions related to smoking that every smoker thinks of but never really finds an answer to. Why is that so? Because not all the answers can find in one place. […]