What is the Cost & Process of Developing a Live Dealer Casino Software Solution?

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Do you want your live dealer casino online to succeed? A good software solution is necessary. Good software, such as a solid platform and engaging games, is essential to the success of your live dealer casino online. While different platforms offer different features, the most popular games come from reputable developers. The possibility of getting what you want is great if you have an impressive budget, but what if you can’t choose between price and quality? Let this article guide you in understanding the Cost & Process of Developing a live dealer casino online software solution.

However, first, understand the step to start your own live dealer casino game.

How to Create the Best live dealer casino Game

It is well known that live dealer casino games are profitable. Here are three steps you should take if you want to start your own live dealer casino game.

Obtain a  live dealer casino game license 

The first step toward operating in a particular jurisdiction is to obtain a license. Choose a jurisdiction that permits live dealer casino games.

Creating a Payment Gateway 

With live dealer casino games, financial transactions are involved, so setting up a payment gateway becomes vital. You can set up a payment gateway with the help of an experienced live dealer casino game developer like BR Softech. Multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency payments, will be provided by this method. 

The development of an intuitive live dealer casino web and app

The market already has a number of live dealer casinos. It is important for you to have a mobile application that is easy to use and that stands out from the competition. A live dealer chat support system can also be integrated into your game to provide assistance to your players.

Marketing your live dealer casino effectively can be extremely beneficial if you hope to attract players to it. You can do this by offering players bonuses and reward programs that are appealing to them.

What are the features of the  live dealer casino software

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best features of live dealer casinos that will enable you to attract the maximum number of casino lovers to your business. 

A simple user interface and user experience

Your platform’s first feature will likely catch the attention of casino lovers. A  live dealer casino platform should have a user interface and user experience that are both intuitive and simple to understand. Beginners will have trouble using your app due to its UI and UX, which are too complicated. It should not be aimed exclusively at the younger crowd as there is a wide range of people of all ages who enjoy playing live dealer casino games.

High-end graphics and audio 

One of the reasons why live dealer casinos are so successful is that they have high-end visuals and audio. You can create an online casino that is as authentic as a real casino by using high-quality visuals and soundtracks. 

Leadership board

A Rank and performance are displayed on the leaderboard. A list of the top players is also displayed. Competition among them is so intense that it creates a healthy environment of competition.

Payment Options That Are Convenient 

It’s likely that casino enthusiasts will welcome a platform that offers convenient payment options. A platform that offers players the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds promptly will be well received. 

Acceptance of both fiat and cryptographic currencies

Gambling can be made safer with cryptocurrency. Transactions on the network are untraceable, and they prevent fraudulent activity. The main reason why live dealer casinos adopt fiat and cryptocurrency payments is for this reason. 

Using real-time chat

Players can converse in real time with one another using the real-time chat feature to enhance their gaming experience. 

Support for multiple languages 

Many people around the world enjoy playing live dealer casino games. The majority of users prefer to access the platform in their native language. This gives them confidence when using the application, allowing them to easily access it. 

Transparency & Security

It is important to keep security and transparency in mind when developing live dealer casino games. Platforms that provide transparency and security will be appreciated by players without a doubt. 

How much does online casino software cost?

During different stages of live casino software solutions, casino owners incur expenses to purchase casino software. An initial comprehensive business plan, feasibility study, and market analysis may cost upwards of $5000 for any new business venture. This stage allows you to get a better understanding of your competition and target audience, which will help you determine what countries to market your casino in, and what licenses you need to apply for.

Choose a license that meets your needs and budget best (Malta, Curacao, etc.). You can expect to spend around $20,000 to $30,000 on licensing, plus another $20,000 yearly for sub-licensing.

In order to develop an online casino you will need to work with a developer intensively and it will cost a lot of money. Your visitors can choose from several gambling software providers and payment options. 

In addition, to purchase casino software, progressive jackpot slots can also be bundled in a dedicated package, adding to your costs. Development during this stage can cost up to $20,000 (and more) depending on which options you want to be included. 

As soon as the online casino has been loaded with content and is ready to use, your expenses will not end here. Every business, whether land-based or online, must incur ongoing expenses to remain in business and remain competitive. Although it increases revenue, do not forget to include it in your casino budget. 

We can summarize the major expenditure items as follows:

  • Licenses
  • Backend software for casinos
  • Systems for gaming and payments
  • Salary and remuneration
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Promotional efforts.

In the event that you want to know online casino software price, we can advise you on the best type of solution, such as white-label, self-service, or turnkey. We can also assist you in choosing payment methods for your casino and obtaining a license.

In addition, you will be able to integrate thousands of games into your casino from 200 different software providers, all through our unified API after one integration.

Please contact our expert team for a free online casino software Demo and learn about the specifics of each offer and we will assist you in making the right decision.

Looking for a reputable developer of live dealer Casino Apps?

 Live dealer casino online applications by Top gambling software companies have been on the rise for some time now, no doubt. This rapidly growing industry is generating substantial revenue for many startups. If you wish to achieve the same success, BR Softech has the technology and knowledge to help you. 

In addition to being highly qualified graphic designers, developers, and testers, we have over ten years of game development experience. To make sure that their clients’ needs are met, the company walks a mile with them. 

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