5 Tricks for Eye-catching Custom Cigarette Boxes

custom cigarette boxes

The importance of custom cigarette boxes is undeniable. Every tobacco brand benefits from their countless advantages. These boxes help brands reach new customers, enhance customer engagement, protect delicate cigarettes, and offer many more benefits. The fact that these boxes have the ability to make or break your brand is astonishing. Yet, it is not out of the question. Thus, we are going to tell you the five (5) best tricks to get the best eye-catching boxes for your brand. Let’s head right to it.

1. Custom Cigarette Boxes With Finest-quality materials

The first thing to look for is the quality of the material for custom cigarette boxes. There are multiple types of materials used for the production of these boxes. However, not all these materials are of fine quality. Therefore, you must get the best and finest materials for your product packaging.

Generally, these boxes are manufactured with plastic, metal, and wood. However, the best materials for these boxes are kraft and cardboard. These boxes are the best for their versatile and adaptable characteristics. Thus, they can be customized in a variety of ways. Moreover, they do not cause environmental pollution.

2. Variety of Finishes

There are many amazing finishing options available for organic manufacturing materials. These finishing options can make custom cigarette packaging boxes stand out. However, most brands make mistakes. They do not get creative with the choice of finishing options. They do not play with the variety of finishes and end up having an average-looking box. Contrary to that, if you get a little creative with the box, you can get the best out of these boxes.

You can play with a variety of finishes to make your product packaging stand out. For example, embossing, debossing, foiling, and matte are the best combinations for these boxes. However, instead of matte, you can also try glossy to make the packaging look more shiny.

In a nutshell, the whole point of a variety of finishes is to encourage you to play with the available options and find out what is suitable for your brand. Certainly, the compatibility depends on your customer base and your target audience.

3. Limited edition designs

If you want to get the attention of customers, you must try the limited edition designs option. For example, make your ordinary packaging look like custom e-cigarette boxes. This will give your customers something unique to fall in love with. Moreover, it will keep them engaged with your brand. Special edition packs can be a source of connecting with your clients. You can even have a contest among your customers to ask for their favorite design.

Moreover, you can ask them to submit their suggestions for a limited edition pack. This way, your brand’s customer base will increase. Also, it will help you grow your design ideas range. The limited editions can be related to any occasion. For example, it can be about a cultural event, an upcoming movie, a sports team, or simply supporting a cause.

4. Embrace Cultural References

This idea might seem a little different to you for a cigarette box. However, this is an exciting and result-oriented one. People might not show it, but they are always sensitive about their cultural references. Thus, the idea that you embrace and consider their cultural references can surely yield favorable results. Moreover, there are many added benefits to it. When you show respect for their culture, they return the favor by prioritizing your brand over other competitors.

In addition to that, complying with federal and local government laws and regulations is also an important part. Thus, your brand will stay out of trouble, and you will enjoy the love and warmth of the locals.

5. Promote sustainability

Sustainability is a big motivational cause for the world right now. There are hundreds of campaigns running across the globe to promote it. However, there are only a few custom printed cigarette boxes manufacturing brands out there with a real concern about that. Thankfully, these boxes are manufactured with recyclable and reusable supplies. Even the paint used for their printing is organic. However, the choice of painting is entirely up to the customer only.

These boxes are manufactured with kraft, cardboard, and paper stocks. These are all sustainable materials. Thus, they reduce the environmental pollution and carbon footprint. Being a part of such global causes makes you the best. Above all, this is your corporate social responsibility, too. Thus, you must make the right choice.


These are the top five (5) tricks on how to make your custom cigarette boxes eye-catching and stand out. You might find some other tricks elsewhere. However, these five are authentic tricks that produce the best results. Eco-friendly packaging is popular these days. And its popularity flares up when you mix it up with different varieties of finishes. Give these tips a try and see how they work out for your brand.