Top 8 Apps that deliver Alcohol your Doorstep

alcohol delivery

With the weather turning gloomier and lockdowns happening intermittently, now is the ideal moment to try an alcohol delivery service. From ordering a single drink to purchasing multiple beverages, there is an app for every drinking requirement. The aim is to maintain a bar cart full of drinks for every occasion without going overboard (let alone visiting a store).

All it takes is a few clicks to enjoy your next delectable beverage! By searching for “alcohol delivery near me,” you can find a business partner for an alcohol delivery service.

Leading alcohol delivery apps deliver their favorite alcoholic beverage straight to consumers’ doors, making it easier for them to relax. To create your alcohol app and launch your business online, work with a Leading on-demand alcohol delivery app development company.

These booze delivery apps are popular and are proliferating. In 2017, Drizly’s revenue climbed by 62% despite a 21.2 percent increase in hard liquor and a 62% increase in beer sales at wine online. In recent years, alcohol delivery businesses have proliferated alongside food delivery applications. Prominent apps for delivering alcoholic beverages have been incredibly successful; one such app is Drizly, which Uber just acquired for an astounding $1.1 billion.

The Top 9 Apps for Delivering Alcohol

The Following Are the Best Alcohol Delivery Apps You Should Know About:

  1. Rainy

The Boston-based business Drizly distributes wine, spirits, and beer via a smartphone app. If you need booze fast, use the Drizzly app. In less than an hour, Drizly can deliver your favorite bottle of wine, beer, or alcohol. It works by letting you peruse several nearby alcoholic beverage retailers. Order online and watch for your delivery. If you prefer to forego the delivery process, you can pick it up. Order now, wait for delivery, or choose in-person pickup to avoid the queue. You can tip with cash if you’d like, but the app only takes credit and debit cards as payment methods. Cash payments are not allowed.

  1. Saucey

Saucey distinguishes itself from other alcohol delivery systems with its speed. Use is permitted in several states, including New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles; however, different merchants charge different delivery fees. Currently, Saucey is a popular booze delivery app in several states.

  1. Winc

Winc are the most excellent way to consume wine online. You can get wine delivered to your door every month with Winc. This unique wine club was founded in 2012 to democratize wine. Democratizing: If you don’t like it, you can use Winc to pay for a bottle. If necessary, extend your subscription beyond the first month by skipping one. 10% off purchases of 12 or more bottles are available.

  1. Doordash

Doordash is a noteworthy application for food and drink delivery. It is an excellent means of fulfilling cravings for alcoholic beverages. You can use this app to shortlist your top local alcohol delivery choices. You can also schedule or track your delivery based on your preferences. Businesses, including breweries, shops, and bars, may transport alcoholic beverages to your door. Consumers can contact us with queries or concerns, and the in-app chat feature ensures they receive fast support.

5. Instacart

Because alcohol delivery is one of Instacart’s offerings, customers can expect their favorite beverages to arrive within two hours of ordering. You can get groceries, drinks, snacks, and other food items anywhere, at any time. Once the alcohol delivery app is installed, enter your zip code to search for local Instacart vendors that deliver to your region. Place an order for a range of alcoholic beverages, brands, snacks, and supplies as side dishes. Contactless and same-day delivery services are offered in several areas, including Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. If your goods aren’t easily accessible, talk to the customer about other options.

6. Minibar

This speedy alcohol delivery service has made more than two million deliveries. When placing a beverage order with Minibar Delivery, you have many options. This is an excellent app for alcohol delivery if you value drinking the most. While using Minibar, select between scheduled or instant delivery. Enjoy a wide selection, affordable rates, and convenient beer, wine, and whisky door delivery with only a few taps.

7. Swill

Best app for inexperienced mixologists to purchase alcohol. Your purchases could be delivered in as little as sixty minutes. The Swill app allows you to order beer, wine, spirits, and specialty mixers for at-home mixology in your area. Ale flees at the last minute, Sayonara!

8. GoPuff

The Quickest Platform for Alcohol Delivery Services. When you utilize GoPuff, you can typically get fast food and drinks delivered to your door in less than thirty minutes. GoPuff now offers alcohol delivery in addition to a range of products, such as food, electronics, cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medications, necessities for babies, and gastronomy. They also work late into the early morning, which makes meeting your late-night needs even more convenient. The delivery cost is just $1.95, making your evening even more enjoyable. If you often use GoPuff, enrolling in the FAM membership program is a great way to save money. A GoPuff FAM membership costs $5.95 monthly and entitles you to free delivery of food and drink.


With so many delivery alternatives available, why would you haul cases of beer and bottles of wine to your flat? Don’t worry if you need more drinks! You can avoid the store runs by prioritizing your favorites using our list of apps. Codeflash Infotech can create an app like Minibar or Drizly if you want to enter the alcohol delivery market. Codeflash Infotech offers the best tech-driven solutions for home services, laundry delivery, alcohol delivery, grocery delivery, on-demand cannabis, and taxi services.


How do alcohol delivery applications work?

Applications that supply alcohol frequently link consumers to local businesses or licensed suppliers. Through the app’s delivery partners, customers may browse and order a variety of beverages, and the products will be delivered straight to their door.

Which kinds of alcohol are available for ordering on these apps?

These alcohol delivery apps usually offer beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, mixers, and other alcoholic beverages. The selection may vary depending on the partnering retailers and local regulations. Users can browse the app to view the precise brands and varieties of alcohol offered for delivery.

Are there any age limitations on using these apps to order alcohol?

Using these applications to order alcohol indeed has age limitations. Customers are required by law to meet the legal drinking age requirements outlined in their nation or region. Typically, age verification via identification will be required during the delivery procedure.

Are there any extra costs associated with these booze delivery apps?

These applications for booze delivery can come with extra costs, such as convenience, service, or delivery fees. The actual fees can be affected by the particular order and the app. Reviewing the pricing information and any relevant fees before completing an order is essential.