What is the Difference Between CT Abdomen & CT Abdomen with Contrast Scanning?

CT Abdomen

CT Abdomen scan (Computed Tomography of the Abdomen) is a non-invasive imaging procedure. This scanning procedure uses an x-ray and computer system to evaluate the organs, blood vessels, and bones present in the abdominal cavity and obtain multiple images of the abdominal area. This is also known as a CT abdomen plain scan.  

Doctors ask for a CT Abdomen scan for the detection and diagnosis the problems such as

  • Accumulation of abnormal mass in the abdomen area.
  • Abdomen pain, unexplained weight loss, infection, etc.
  • The size and location of the kidney stones
  • Crohn’s disease and appendicitis
  • Obstruction in intestine
  • Abdominal Cancer

The CECT (Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography) abdomen scan uses contrast dye during the CT scan to access the internal structure of the abdomen for diagnosis of the problem. The contrast material helps in seeing the diseases more clearly. Doctors recommend the CT Abdomen with contrast when he requires more clarity about the problem.

Now we will discuss the difference between CT Abdomen Scan and CT Abdomen with contrast scanning.

  • Use of Contrast Media: – The CT Abdomen scan doesn’t involve the contrast media to detect the problems. On the other hand, the CT Abdomen with contrast involves the contrast dye to highlight the organs, blood vessels, soft tissues, and other structures to detect the problems.
  • Normal Level of Urea-Creatinine: – CT Abdomen with contrast scan can’t be performed, if the level of urea-creatinine is abnormal. On the other hand, a CT Abdomen scan can be performed even in the case of an abnormal report of urea-creatinine.
  • Allergic Reaction: – The CT Abdomen with contrast may pose an allergic reaction because of the use of contrast media. On the other hand, CT abdomen doesn’t pose any risk.
  • Fasting Required: – The fasting of 8-12 hours is required for CT Abdomen with contrast. On the other hand, for a CT abdomen procedure, you need not do fasting.
  • Cost: – Compare to the CT Abdomen Scan, The CT Abdomen with contrast scan in Delhi is more expensive.
  • CT Abdomen with contrast scan is preferred for patients with suspected lesions or pathology.
  • Compare to CT Abdomen Scan, the organs and tissues can be seen more clearly with CT abdomen with contrast.


The CT Abdomen scan and CT Abdomen with contrast scan are the imaging procedure used to diagnose the problem in the abdominal area in an effective manner. Normally doctors order CT Abdomen plain scan but if there is the susceptibility of the lesion and pathology, then doctors ask the patients to go for CECT Abdomen for clear visualization of the problem.

A note from Ganesh Diagnostic

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre (GDIC) is the leading Nearby CT Scan Lab, offering both CT abdomen scan and CT abdomen with contrast scan to detect injuries or diseases of the abdominal organs. The CT scan takes images of the abdomen area from multiple angles for an effective diagnosis of the problem.  We have a team of certified technologists who utilize the 32- Slice CT scan to conduct the scanning procedure and deliver the precise result without any compromise on quality.