Different Beverages Kratom Can Be Mixed With

Kratom liquid extract

Does the thought of popping Kratom capsules or having a spoon of Kratom powder not excite you at all? On the contrary, does it make you less eager to give Kratom a try? So, let’s do what we do in the case of children i.e. make something healthy a little tasty as well by combining it with something else. 

So, after you have got your Kratom extract or Kratom powder from a reputed online vendor, one feasible way in which you can have it is by mixing it with a beverage of your choice and the options are as follows:  

  1. Kratom with citrus juices

The most common citrus juice is orange juice and when you mix Kratom in it, you will enjoy an earthy taste as all the acids in the orange juice will end up overpowering the bitter flavor of Kratom. It will take you just a few minutes to prepare this potion as you just have to put ice cubes, oranges, and Kratom in a mixer/juicer and a most refreshing and healthy drink will be ready to traverse down your throat.

The other citrus juice that will go well with Kratom is grapefruit juice that interestingly is rich in antioxidants. The last alternative of course is lemonade and for a slightly sweeter taste, you can add a spoon of sugar or honey. 

  • Kratom with shakes

Milkshakes will not become undrinkable if you put Kratom powder or extract in them. One of the best things about shakes is that they have a smooth feel and won’t let you experience the chalky texture of Kratom powder. So go ahead and blend Kratom with mango or banana shake and chances are it may prove to be a perfect combination.    

  • Kratom with tea

You must have surely heard about Kratom tea as it is one of the common ways in which Kratom is consumed. If you are fond of drinking mint or chamomile tea, you can consider infusing it with Kratom. However, you have to be wary of something.

If you put Kratom in boiling water, it may lose its efficacy. So you need to let boiled water cool down for at least 5 minutes, which will let your tea brew properly and your Kratom extract or powder too will remain potent.

And Kratom with its earthy flavor and mint tea with its revitalizing nature form a combination that tastes exotic to many.  

  • Kratom with coffee

Chances are you have coffee every morning to let the caffeine eliminate all the after effects of an overnight sleep. If you add Kratom powder to your mug of coffee and the taste still seems fine, you’ll feel pleased about hitting upon an effective way of having Kratom.

Many who do have coffee and Kratom together find the taste and aroma likeable. The benefits and nutrients of coffee and Kratom in fact complement each other. But the thing that we asked you to be wary of in the case of having Kratom with tea i.e. not putting Kratom in boiling water holds true for coffee as well.

  • Kratom with smoothies

Are you fond of smoothies? Mixing different fruits and drinking the pulpy mixture can indeed be fun. And when you add one more ingredient i.e. Kratom extract or powder, your smoothie will become healthier if not tastier.

And if you are worried about taste, there is another addition that you can make and it’ll serve your purpose in all probability. Yogurts come in many flavors and something like vanilla yogurt should definitely stimulate your taste buds.

Having Kratom with smoothies will not be ill-advised and is definitely recommended.      

  • Kratom with chocolate and coconut milk

Where food combinations are concerned, chocolates can never be overlooked. So, you can just put Kratom extract or powder in chocolate and milk and enjoy a most unique taste. When you have dry fruits with chocolates, you relish them more and the same can be said about Kratom.   

In a similar vein, if you manage to bring home some coconut milk, something that immediately transports you to a world of sun, sand, and sea, and experiment having Kratom with it, you may again discover a beverage that Kratom can be had with.


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