An Extremely Impressive Orion DNA Pods Will Grab Your Complete Attention

orion dna pods

Do you also wonder and want to know more about the Orion DNA Pods? This blog will help you discover many undiscovered things about this fantastic vape pod. 

Yes, you’ll learn that the Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod launched on the market with a stunning stainless steel body is unquestionably high-quality. Its frame is available in various finishes, including stainless steel, black, blue, and gold. To emphasize its outside appeal, its front, and rear panels have inlays with multiple themes, including Ocean Scallop, Gold Abalone, and Carbon Fiber. 

From the outside, a lockable lever to remove its pod, each round firing button, a Bright little indicator, and an adjustment button are all visible. By now, we can tell you’re a fan of these great Orion Pods, and it’s pretty evident. Let us go ahead and highlight the little insights of the Orion Pods in greater depth. Stay with us till the end! 

What’s Special About Orion DNA Pod? 

Replacement pods are small, disposable e-liquid cartridges that are used with pod-based vaporizers. These devices are similar to cigalikes but use refillable pods instead of cartridges. Pod-based vaporizers offer a simple and convenient way to vape, making them ideal for those who are new to vaping or don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of refilling tanks.

Pre-filled and empty replacement pods are available. Pre-filled pods are already filled with e-liquid, so all you have to do is insert them into your device and begin vaping.

Empty Orion DNA Pods must be filled with e-liquid before they can be used. Both pods come in various flavors, nicotine levels, and sizes. 

Some “Not To Be Missed” Features of Orion DNA Pods 

  • 2 Pods in a Pack
  • 25 ohms & .5 ohms
  • Pod Compatibility Lost Vape 
  • Salt Based Nicotine 
  • Hold up to 3ml

It’s Cheaper than you think 

Orion DNA pods are an excellent method to save money on vaping expenses. They’re also considerably more convenient than cartridges because they don’t need to be refilled. When empty, simply toss them out and replace them with new ones.

If you use a pod-based vaporizer, check out our replacement pods. We have a large selection of pods from top brands, so you’re sure to find the ideal one for your device. 

How Do You Insert Orion DNA Pods Into A Vape?

The next thing you should know about replacement pods is how to fit them correctly into your vape pen. Some vape pens have a locking mechanism that must be disengaged before inserting the Orion DNA pod. Others require you to remove the pen’s top and insert the new pod. Before attempting to replace the pod, examine the instructions for your pen, as incorrect insertion can damage the device.

Where Can I Get The Missing Vape Orion Pods?

Because of its growing popularity, you can now find this fantastic item almost anywhere. However, we strongly suggest you use Raven Route for your online shopping. 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with them for quite some time. We can attest to their expert staff, exceptional customer service, a website chock-full of the latest merchandise, and an overall shopping experience that exceeds all expectations.

How to Lock & Unlock the Device:

To lock or unlock the Lost Vape Orion, press the round fire button five times in fast succession (less than two seconds).

How to Check the Current Battery Level? 

Above the adjustment button is an LED light indicator that displays the device’s current battery level. To check the battery level, hit the fire button repeatedly in a single second.

How to Keep Orion Dna Pods in a Vape Long-Lasting? 

  1. Make use of high-quality materials. 
  2. Cheap replacement pods are more likely to break or leak than high-quality ones. 
  3. Choose replacement pods made of medical-grade silicone or stainless steel whenever possible. 
  4. Avoid the use of sharp objects. 
  5. Sharp objects can pierce or destroy replacement pods, so use them sparingly. 
  6. Keep replacement pods in a cold, dry location. 
  7. Heat and moisture can ruin replacement pods, so keep them in a cool, dry area. 
  8. If you aren’t going to use them immediately, try putting them in the refrigerator or freezer. 
  9. Before using replacement pods, inspect them. Inspect a replacement pod for evidence of damage before using it. If you discover any cracks, holes, or other damage, replace it immediately.
  10. Avoid overfilling replacement pods which might result in leaks and other issues. 
  11. Before using replacement pods, prime them; it is necessary to prime a fresh replacement pod before utilizing it. This ensures that the pod functions properly and prevents dry hits.
  12. Replace pods should be cleaned regularly. Orion DNA pods can accumulate dust, grime, and other particles over time. 
  13. Disassemble them and wash all of the pieces with warm soapy water to keep them clean.

Its 3ml pod capacity and 1-ohm coil resistance make it the ideal refilling pod system for vaping your favorite e-juice discreetly on the go. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vaper, Orion Pods are an excellent alternative for anyone wishing to move to a refillable pod system that is simple to use and produces pleasant vapor.  

At Long Last!

We’re sure you’ve been blown away by the incredible nature of the Orion Pods by this point. Simply, they are your one-stop shop for all of your requirements. They are lovely, have distinct appearances, and function properly. Its dominance is unstoppable. So, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that if you’re looking for a device like this, the Lost Vape Orion Pods should get a big thumbs up.