Top 10 Game Development Companies in Chennai

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Investors hoping to develop a mobile app game might be unable to do so in their country. Doing so would prove extremely costly, as expertise in the Rummy game development and Ludo game development industry is generally in short supply abroad. But the sheer number of experts available in India makes it an excellent option when looking for game development companies in Chennai. 

Game Development Companies in Chennai

Game development is prevalent throughout the world. However, India holds the best talent and services to cater to global requirements. When looking for game development services in India, many options are available. You’ll find yourself with so many companies to choose from! This allows you to look at each company’s portfolio and pick the one that impresses you the most.  

1) Hammerplay Studios

Established in 2014, Hammerplay Studios is a local Chennai-based game development company specializing in game development. 

Their expertise expanded from eternal game development to co-publishing. Whether it’s Android, iOS, or HTML 5, the company covers all these grounds. When it comes to the particular games the company developed, they offer various applications. 

Racing, shooting, and strategy games are top-rated in all the most popular app stores. 

2) Madiee

Madiee game development was set up in 2017, and the company deals with all development activities relating to game development. This includes game development, game design, and gamification.

The company deals in a few particular niches: board games, strategy games, and puzzle-based games. The Madiee game development company is better for success because they develop games based on behavioral science research. 

You might be wondering how exactly this helps a company develop a game. Behaviour is important, and knowing what users want or how they will react will be instrumental in building a successful match. 

3) Castle Black Studios

The company Castle Black Studios was established in 2017, and it undertakes all activities related to game art creation. The services offered include character creation, props, and all things related to 3D, namely 3D environments and level creation. This makes Castle Black Studios one of Chennai’s most creative game development companies.

Game development is still emerging in India, and the company will experience a higher requirement for animation in the foreseeable future. Clients creating complex games with storylines and animation scenes between gameplay can hire this company as its experience speaks for itself. 

4) Weloadin Game Development Studio

Launched in 2015, Weloadin game development studios is a company that has achieved much success in the game development niche. 

Their game Rubberband Cutting has garnered over 10 million downloads and picked up the IGDC Hyper casual Game of the Year award. But that’s not their only success! Their other games, Dessert DIY and Pearl Master picked up 5 million and 3 million. 

With such figures, it is clear that Weloadin Game Development Studio knows what it takes to make a wildly successful mobile game application. The studio works in game development, UI and UX design, game art, Unity3D, and Maya-3D. 

5) Next Wave Multimedia

This game development company is one of the companies in Chennai that exclusively offers game development services. Next Wave Multimedia was established back in 1995 and since then has been working hard to put together an impressive portfolio and a reputable name for itself. 

Looking at the company’s portfolio, you can tell that the company takes a great interest in sports games, with at least a dozen titles in the sports category. 

Another title the company offers is Carrom. In addition to mobile games, the company develops web games. Another unique offering from the company is online learning games aimed at younger audiences.  

6) Taninty Game Studio

Operating since 2012, Taninty Game Studio has reached various milestones with every game they launch, speaking much about the skills they develop year after year. 

The company deals in game development, artwork, animation, and level design. They have a diverse portfolio, ranging from sports strategy and even familiar games such as sudoku. 

Using Unity3D experts, the company can creatively develop characters, levels, designs, and any other creative game element or animation. Complex or straightforward, the company makes it a habit of being able to do both, even if 2D is also necessary. 

7) Dariyal Games

Since its inception in 2011, Dariyal Games has grown in terms of abilities. The company primarily caters to clients looking for VR games and simulators. The company prioritizes technology and constantly develops games for virtual headsets. 

Since the introduction of VR headsets, Dariyal Games has developed games that are best experienced through this modern technological equipment. It is unlikely the company will lose its passion for this gaming niche. 

Dariyal Games is among the few game development companies in Chennai that offer life-like animations that bring regular games to life! 

8) Ena Game Studio

The company started with seven members but has now grown to accommodate 70 experts who undertake the activities of 2D game development. Ena Game Studio has also shown dedication towards developing in 3D as well. 

Some notable contributions from the company are 501 Room Escape Game which has over 10 million downloads. Other games include Aura of Immortals, Zombie- Dead or Alive. 

9) Madras MindWorks

Operating since 2015, Madras MindWorks focuses its efforts on all things related to AR and VR and mixed reality. The company’s approach to developing games relies upon how to incorporate such details into the game to improve the user experience.

The company pursues application development in other industries that can benefit from virtual reality. This includes companies that require simulators and virtual walkthroughs. Therefore, you’ll find that regardless of requirements, game or otherwise, Madras MindWorks provides complete AR, VR, or a mixture of the two. 

10) Highbrow Interactive

Highbrow Interactive has been around for almost a decade and will be around for much longer, seeing as the company is into trending and effective technologies according to the current market standards. 

Speaking about what the company has to show for its success, it has several Train Simulator apps on the Google Play Store, many of which have between half a million and 10 million downloads. 

Developing a game is an exciting investment. However, finding the right game development company is a little more complicated. With this blog, our chief goal is to help you find the best partner to develop your game with a list of the best game development companies in Chennai.