Custom Wine Cabinets

What is a Wine Bureau?

Our clients are continuously looking for a particular degree of value and craftsmanship. Vinotemp has been planning unique custom wine cupboards that meet both style and capacity for more than thirty years. We can find our work in both private and business properties, remembering the Bellagio for Las Vegas, Ritz Carlton, House of Blues, Hard Rock Café, Gordon Ramsay Steak, and the sky’s the limit from there.

A wine bureau is a furniture-style piece that is worked with large numbers of similar elements like a wine basement. It incorporates racking, entryways, lighting, and a basement cooling framework.

It will keep your jugs at a consistent temperature while keeping up with legitimate mugginess for the drawn-out capacity of wine. Were you looking for the best Cigar in the world? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Cigars of the highest quality care are available from 1st Class Humidors. Order now to receive a 30% discount using the 1st Class Humidors Promo Code.

Different highlights incorporate a lock with key, evening out legs, and computerized temperature control. A wine bureau enjoys the benefit of putting away an enormous limit of wine inside a bit of an impression.

Moreover, many wine bureau proprietors see that they can save their cupboards for a long time as it requires next to no upkeep. Can tweak its style and shading to match the appearance of the space where it will be introduced.

Remember the accompanying inquiries before you focus on your custom wine bureau while perusing our display. Observe any current cupboards inside our exhibition or site that you view as engaging.

What number of containers would you like to store?

How massive should the wine bureau be?

Could you like the bureau to be introduced unattached or inherent?

What style of entryway would you like?

Do you have the legitimate electrical setup for your new bureau?

Will you require different autonomous temperature zones?

What way of racking could you like?

Will you be putting away any strangely molded jugs?

Finally, what is your financial plan for your custom bureau?

A portion of Vinotemp’s most well-known wine bureau styles incorporate an all-wood customary wine bureau with wood racking, current all-glass bureau with clear acrylic racking, a show stopping under steps wine bureau with brushed spotless entryways, worked in wine cupboards that fit into an unused storeroom space, and lovely custom wine cupboards with all glass entryways and mark forward even wine racking.

Underneath, you will track down our custom wine bureau display that exhibits a wide assortment of styles and choices. Everything from current wine cupboards, rural wine cupboards, wine cupboards in white, worked in wine cupboards, customary wood wine cupboards, contemporary wine cupboards, all-glass wine cupboards, and extravagance private cupboards. Peruse our display for a perpetual wellspring of wine bureau thoughts that make certain to move you.

If you are prepared to buy your custom wine bureau, our 2D and 3D plan group has a library of techniques and will work with you to make your custom piece acceptable for you. Whether you are a mortgage holder or restaurateur, no occupation is minimal.

Wine Sentinel: Custom Wine Cooler and Custom Built Wine Cabinets

Wine Cellar Innovations new line of exceptionally assembled, refrigerated cupboards

Your Wine. Your Space. Your Way. Permit Us To Help You Create It.

Custom Wine Cabinets

• Complete bundle valuing beginning at $8,344.90

• Completely adaptable, worked in wine bureau to match ANY space and style

• Numerous wood types and color choices accessible

• Beautiful French entryway section

• Custom wine cooler bureau unit included

• Ships unassembled, so no worrying over how to squeeze enormous pre-collected cupboards into your home

New and Improved in Adaptable choices include:

Stature and Width of Unit

Inside Racking Configuration

French Door Options

Wood or Full Glass Doors

Moldings Available

Other Wood and Stain Options To Select From

Raised Panel Cabinet Sides Available

Single or Full profundity choices

Cooling Unit stowed away

Remote indoor regulator for simple review and change

Entryway Handle Selection

Please pay attention to What Our Clients Have to Say.

Our better than every line of exclusively underlying refrigerated wine cupboards permits us to make up for a shortfall that has been in the wine stockpiling industry for a long time – thoroughly tweaked wine bureau choices accessible directly to the purchaser at a reasonable price tag. In 2018, we added invigorating new options to redo these cupboards to your inclinations.

Never again is space an issue. Wine Cellar Innovations has been planning custom wine basements and wine spaces for 32 years, and we have at long last addressed a typical solicitation.

Numerous mortgage holders these days are not keen on redesigning or adding a whole space to store and show their wine appropriately, yet need us to, in any case, make a possibility for them.

Our new Wine Sentinel™ line of wine cupboards is intended to augment the wine stockpiling bottle limit while limiting the available space of the bureau and capacity region. The units likewise include an alluring French entryway passage framework, making it a remarkable and appealing component to put in any home space conspicuously. You can now tweak the entryway by choosing an all-glass choice, as well.

Planned inside and remotely as indicated by your requirements, we additionally guarantee these refrigerated wine cupboards are appropriately protected, as they incorporate a properly determined wine cooling unit for the region.

The whole stockpiling area is welcomed by your decision of entryway, including 1 or 2 arrangements of exquisite French entrances, or all glass, which are likewise equipped with fair protection values and climate stripping.

Our superior models likewise appealingly conceal the wine refrigeration unit away from review and don’t impede any wine racking rails inside for the most extreme stockpiling potential.

Can likewise give colored windows to limit light openness to safeguard the wines yet still furnish you with a pleasant perspective on your assortment houses in lovely wood or metal wine racks.

Assuming you are searching for a more basic style of wine rack bureau, recollect that we have a full line of wine rack packs that you should investigate. An assortment of wood and color choices are likewise accessible so that they will fit flawlessly into your home.

You also can do divider mounted racking, for example, the WineZone Wine Shelf, Wall Wine Rack, or VintageView. We are glad to do a free plan for any room you might need to construct your wine stockpiling.