How to Pick the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

nose hair trimmer

Before we get into how to pick the best nose hair trimmer, we should take some time to talk about nose hair and why you should trim it in the first place. After all, if you don’t know why you should be trimming your nose hair, why would you do it? Nose hair actually serves an important purpose, as it traps dust, germs, and other things that might otherwise make their way into your body through your nostrils, protecting you from dangerous illnesses.

Get a nose hair trimmer with a vacuum

To avoid having pieces of nose hair flying around, you’ll want a trimmer with a vacuum, which sucks hair and dust directly into an onboard collection chamber. This allows you to run it over your face without damaging any of your skin or causing any inflammation. In general, it’s best to find one that has a switch that turns off when you pull on it so you don’t accidentally rip out hairs while trying to clean up stray hairs. And make sure it’s easy enough for a clean shave if you need one.

Rotary blades are best for nose hair trimming

Rotary blades are designed for use in a circular motion, making them perfect for nose hair trimming. Standard disposable and battery-operated trimmers often struggle to reach every part of your nose. Rotary blades provide a more efficient cutting motion that reaches every last strand of nose hair. Plus, rotary blades are incredibly easy to clean and maintain because you can rinse them under running water after each use. A major plus if you’re prone to sharing your nasal hair trimmer with friends or family members!

Look for one with an attached light

A nasal hair trimmer should come with a light on it so you can see what you’re doing. This will make trimming easier and safer. It’s also a great idea to go for one that doesn’t require charging, since you don’t always have access to an outlet when you need your nose hairs trimmed. Batteries are best in these situations. While many trimmers come with maintenance tools, they sometimes wear out quickly—which is why we recommend opting for one with an attached light! You never know when lighting will be an issue, even if it isn’t very often!

Pay attention to blade quality

Though blade quality is important, it’s only one component of a good nose hair trimmer. Still, you should pay attention to your nose hair trimmer’s blades. After all, if you want a haircut that’s easy and painless, you don’t go with a pair of dull scissors, right? The same logic applies here: The sharper your blade, the easier your nose hair trimming experience will be. You should also look for blades that are rust-resistant—after all, trimming in hard-to-reach places can lead to wet and rusty blades over time. Most good nose hair trimmers have rustproof stainless steel blades.

Does it have adjustable settings?

Some nose hair trimmers offer a whole range of length settings. This lets you change how close your shave comes to your skin, which makes them more versatile. There’s also a chance that one of these settings will come closer than you want, so start with something on the shorter end. You can always make it longer later if you need to. Adjustable settings are especially useful for things like sideburns and eyebrows, since everyone’s hair grows at different rates. If you have particularly thick or long hair, however, an adjustable setting might not be necessary—if anything it could be a hindrance.

Is it easy to clean?

You want a nose hair trimmer that’s easy to clean, because it’s going inside your nose. You’ll spend more time with your new nose trimmer than you will with your new significant other, so you need one that’s comfortable and ergonomic. The last thing you want is for cleaning it afterward to be tedious or uncomfortable. Look for a trimmer with an easy-to-remove head, washable/replaceable blades, and a way of keeping all your little hairs in one place (either a bottle or a special receptacle). Also look at whether it has rounded blade tips—this is good news for your nostrils!

Safe to use around other parts of your body?

For most people, yes. Most nose hair trimmers are safe for use around other parts of your body (including your eyebrows), but if you have any doubt or something is unclear on a product’s label, don’t risk it. You can always get out your magnifying glass and look at what type of blade is being used before you buy. The same goes for oiling of blades; avoid putting oil on any part of your body, especially if you plan on using a tool all over yourself. If you have sensitive skin or have never trimmed nose hair with scissors or clippers before, be sure to shave a little patch of skin first with no pressure in order to test how you will react before going full-on.