Ludo vs Rummy: Which Game is Better in 2023


Ludo is a classic board game completely differentiated from other games. The level of fun and entertainment element Ludo has, you will not find anywhere else. And, on the other hand, Rummy is one of the most popular casino card games. Both are two different gaming categories.

Card games and board games have long been popular pastimes in India for their simplicity, social interaction, and ability to bring people together. While to play ludo not too much equipment is needed, Rummy requires slightly much more than cards. 

If taking both games professionally then yes Ludo is more simple as compared to Rummy, in terms of rules and gameplay. However, both games are easy to learn but offer ample strategy.

In 2023, the trend of gaming has changed a lot now people are enjoying their favorite games on smart devices. Ever since the technology became more advanced, Ludo and Rummy moved into smart devices, making both more fun to play.

But, which game is more positively impacting the player’s retention? To understand it better, we have this topic for you that will explain which game is better in 2023.

Ludo Game Overview

The Ludo game has developed significantly from peers among friends to feature players across the world. When the real money gaming business is at its peak, skill-based games like online Ludo, are other in this genre. These segments are booming and becoming more and more popular.

The industry of online Ludo gaming is growing rapidly and adding an extra layer of fun and entertainment and it is all thanks to Ludo game development companies. They have played a significant role in taking the Ludo game to great heights making it a more balanced gaming experience that engages more users without any drawbacks.

Let’s see the benefits an Online Ludo game brings to its players.

Benefits of Playing Ludo Game Online


Online Ludo allows you to play anytime from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and device. You don’t need to wait for friends or family to be available physically. This makes it very convenient to squeeze in a quick game.

Wider player base

Websites and apps that host online ludo games connect you to a huge global player base rather than just those in your local area. This opens up opportunities to play against people from different parts of the world and learn their styles of gameplay. 

Competitive tournaments

Many online platforms organize ludo tournaments with cash prizes. This adds an exciting competitive element and incentive to sharpen your skills. You can test your abilities against top players.

Stats and rankings

Most sites keep track of your performance stats like win percentage, fastest wins, longest games etc. They also have ranked ladders where you can climb up the ranks by winning games. This adds an achievement aspect to casual gameplay. 

No setup required

With online ludo, you don’t need to gather physical boards, pieces etc every time you want to play. Everything is available instantly on your device once you log in. This makes it very convenient to start a quick game anytime.

Rummy Game Overview

Rummy is played with a complete 52 deck of cards and a minimum of 4 players can join the game. The card ranking starts with high to low like K is the highest ranking card and Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, A follow the sequence. This ranking sequence varies from Rummy game forms. Each player gets 13 cards and the motive is to make a full valid sequence to win the game. Let’s explore the benefits of playing rummy games online.

Benefits of Playing Rummy Games Online

Relaxing and Enjoyable Experience

Playing Rummy online is a great way to unwind your stressful day at the office. It is a fun and engaging game that can help you take your mind off of a very stressful day and provide you with a fresh refurbishment. Additionally, playing Rummy brings friends and family together is an excellent bonding experience.

Helps Improve Your Memory

Playing Rummy online is also beneficial for your brain as it helps improve your memory power. In a Rummy game, you have to remember which cards have been played and which cards are still in the deck. This requires a great deal of concentration and brain skill, which helps in improving the overall memory power.

Develops Cognitive Skills

Rummy is a skill-based card game that requires a great deal of concentration, analytical skills, and decision-making capabilities to help you win the game. You need to keep track of the cards that have been dealt so that you can use that information to make strategic decisions about which card to discard and which one to keep. This develops and improves cognitive skills within you and makes you a more confident player.

Differentiating Between Ludo and Rummy: What to Play In 2023 

In recent years, the online gaming boom has breathed new life into these classics. Websites and mobile apps now offer digital versions that allow playing with friends and random opponents anytime, anywhere. This has exposed new generations to the joys of Ludo and Rummy while keeping the traditions alive. It’s an interesting time to compare the two games and see which may be more appealing to modern players. Here are the differences between Ludo and Rummy which will give an idea about which one is your gaming platform in 2023.

Popularity and Accessibility

When it comes to the number of people playing online, Ludo seems to have taken the lead. Data shows Ludo games on Google Play Store alone have been downloaded over 100 million times as of 2023. In comparison, the most popular Rummy apps have seen around 50-60 million downloads.

This could be because Ludo requires no equipment or prior knowledge. Anyone familiar with the basic rules from childhood can instantly pick up an online version. Rummy, on the other hand, involves memorizing card values and combinations. Its learning curve may put off more casual players.

Gameplay Dynamics

Where Ludo is purely based on luck with dice rolls determining moves, Rummy involves critical thinking. Players must strategize which cards to hold and discard to form valid sets/runs before their opponents. This adds an element of calculated risk that some find more engaging than Ludo’s chance-based moves.

Rummy games also tend to be shorter, with most rounds wrapping up within 10-15 minutes on average. Ludo matches can potentially drag on much longer depending on dice luck. For those with busy modern lifestyles, Rummy’s pace may be preferable.

Social and Competitive Aspects

Both games are highly social and competitive in nature. However, Rummy provides more direct interaction and competition between players as they actively try to complete their hands before others.

In Ludo, players move independently most of the time and often cheer on each other’s progress rather than compete directly. This can make Rummy more thrilling for competitive personalities. The ability to track rankings on leaderboards also enhances its competitive spirit.

Verdict for Ludo Vs. Rummy: Which Game Is Better in 2023

While Ludo will likely remain the most universally popular choice thanks to its simplicity, Rummy seems poised to attract a growing number of dedicated fans. Its strategic gameplay, faster pace, and competitive elements give it an edge that resonates more in today’s online, on-the-go world.

For casual fun with friends and family, Ludo is hard to beat. But for gamers seeking more engagement, challenge, and bragging rights, Rummy may emerge as the better game in 2023 and beyond as its digital versions continue to evolve. Both classics still have much to offer players old and new. This brings challenges for the Rummy game development company to make the game more unique and challenging so that players won’t get bored any time soon.