menstaual cycle

The basics lets you know that your best chances of getting pregnant occur naturally in the duration of ovulation. Many women can estimate their fertile periods as much as possible by recording their menstrual cycles and having intercourse mid-menstrual during the onset of menstruation. But it’s not always as simple as planning your romance on day 14 of a typical 28 cycle. In fact, there are many variables that determine your fertility “time frame”. This calculation goes complicated sometimes or gives the wrong output. But you can use the advance ovulation calculator that determines the exact ovulation date, and it also finds the most fertile days.  

Determining Ovulation:

Knowing when you are ovulating will give you the best chance of conceiving. To calculate the optimal period of fertility You will need to keep track of your menstrual cycle. You can do it using the ovulation calendar calculator. Or if you prefer, you can use an accurate ovulation calculator by that shows the ovulation calendar along with the fertile period, which includes the most fertile days. 

Your menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your cycle which is the day when your bleeding starts. The last day of your menstrual cycle would be the day before starting your next period. Remember that your period occurred on the day you actually bled. This is because the lining of your uterus has shed and it usually lasts 5 to 7 days. Your menstrual cycle begins (first day) on the first day of your cycle. But it will last until the day before your next menstrual cycle starts, which is usually 21-35 days. It seems confusing a bit, so you can try the ovulation calendar calculator.  With the ease of this ovulation calculator you can determine the exact ovulation date. 

Why You Need to Track Your Fertility Window and Length of Cycle:

There are a few women that have a menstrual cycle, which differs in length from month to month. For instance, one month has a length of twenty eight days. But the next might have 24 or 32 days of menstrual cycle. Don’t worry this is absolutely normal but a common question is why you need to determine your period. This is because to know the most fertile days of your period in which the chances are high of conceiving a baby. Tracking of the menstrual cycle will help you in finding the average length of your cycle. So you can estimate the most fertile days. For ease, you can use a fertility window calculator that makes your fertility & ovulation calculations easier. 

Find Fertile Days:

The other ways to identify when you are ovulating. Pay some attention to your body to find the symptoms that show ovulation has begun. Before the egg is released, you will notice a change in your vaginal mucus. It is transparent, slippery and looks like an egg white. This indicates the optimal time to conceive. Another way to determine when you are ovulating is to record your basal body temperature with a basal thermometer. This method is not as reliable as OPK, so it is no longer recommended. For an accurate estimate you can lookup to an online advance ovulation calculator that can calculate your ovulation with the fraction of seconds.