4 Types of Native Cigars to Order Online

native cigars

Tobacco is used for both medicinal and spiritual purposes, and its use can be traced to decades ago. Most people smoke for various reasons, including pleasure, social interaction, and stress relief. There are various types of cigarettes you will get in the market, and native cigarettes are pretty common. They are widely used due to their distinctive flavors and no additives like traditional cigarettes.

Types of native cigarettes

1. Chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is also referred to as smokeless tobacco. It’s a finely ground snuff that you will get in small tins or pouches.  Some people use this form of tobacco to ease pain, and relieve toothache,  or headaches. Others believe that chewing tobacco is less harmful than smoking, but it’s good to discuss this with your doctor to determine the most suitable option and dosage for your needs.

2.Nexus Full Cigarettes

 Do you prefer a powerful smoking experience? Nexus full cigars will suit you right? These cigarettes offer a strong and pleasant taste due to their high-quality ingredients and flavor. These characteristics make them stand out from other lighter cigar options, making them one of the most sought after Native Smokes Canada.

 A Nexus Full cigar pack consists of 20 king-size cigarettes designed for an even draw and delicious flavor. You will get these cigars in different tastes. Mostly menthol and full flavor. They come in a unique yellow/brown package that showcases high levels of luxury and excellence.

 3.Canadian Goose Lights

Canadian Goose Lights cigars are a true definition of sophistication and quality.  They offer a unique smoking experience, thanks to their rich Canadian tobacco tradition. They are light cigarettes featuring a mild taste and low nicotine levels compared to conventional cigarettes. 

Canadian Goose Lights are best suited for smokers who fancy a mild and smoother smoking experience. What of the flavor? Canadian Goose Lights offer a subtle rich yet sweet taste accompanied that ensures a less intense smoking experience.

4. Canadian Rolled Lights

 Canadian Rolled Lights are manufactured from 100% natural tobacco are are native cigarettes of  Canadian origin. They offer an uplifting and refreshing smoking experience, making them favorite among many smokers.  These cigars boast a mild nicotine content ideal for general users. You can get these cigars from Canadian cigar wholesalers and have them delivered as requested.

What to check when shopping for native cigars online

 Shopping for cigarettes online can be challenging and you want to be sure to pick the right products.  For native cigars, research thoroughly about the brand and only shop from reputable brands to ensure high-quality products. Check customer reviews and ratings to learn what other customers say about the product. Also,  examine the authenticity of the product and order from a store offering fast deliveries.

Moreover, you will get different prices from various suppliers. You want to get great deals, and the best way to achieve this is by shopping from a wholesaler. You don’t have to buy bulky purchases but can get products for cheaper prices from such stores.  Compare prices from different stores, and choose what matches your budget.


 Native cigarettes come in different types and brands, and it’s easy to get what matches your smoking needs. Choose high-quality cigars from leading stores and enhance your smoking experience.